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Salina Trahan, Shining Bright as an Agent of Change at CAU

The illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Centered in the heart of the Atlanta University Center, Clark Atlanta is the academic home to a number of talented, ambitious, go-getters of tomorrow. Take Salina Trahan, for example. Salina is a multi-talented, beautiful, business oriented Junior at Clark Atlanta, and a perfect example of a true Panther! “Its weird, I know this sounds weird, but I believe in Namaste, and peace, you know. Just being at peace,” Salina said, as she settled into her car, during our phone interview. Salina Trahan is a woman innumerable talents, and a shining example of truly what it means to be a doer of the class of 2017 and Clark Atlanta University. Read on for a closer look into who exactly Salina Trahan is.

Full Name: My name is Salina Christine Trahan

Hometown: I was born in Denver, Colorado

Major: My major is education, with a concentration on early childhood education

Favorite Quote: Shine on, let nothing dim the light that shines within

Favorite Food: It’s a tie between Mexican and Italian

Favorite Color: My favorite color is lilac or any pastel colors because it gives off a very peaceful and calming visual.

Favorite Hangout Spot:  I love going to Davange Auditorium, it really helps me to connect with god. I had practice here the other day, and I left ready to conquer the rest of the week, I felt full.

Why CAU? I had gotten positive feedback from my track coach in high school, and I had three different family members recommend Clark Atlanta to me. They each had great experiences, so I just trusted their opinions.. My current opinion on CAU is that the energy is great and filled with such dynamic and diverse people. The class of 2017 “elite 17” is with out a doubt making a mark on this campus and the world. We are all change agents with the spirit of greatness in our hearts. I love how close we all (AUC) are; small school but a big school feel!! 

Organizations both on and off campus: Currently I am the founder and Co-president of a campus chartered organization called Educating Youth Everywhere (E.Y.E.). As an education major I saw that there was a lack of representation coming out the the education department and felt a change needed to be made. Also I am Miss Helping Hands and a member of the Heavenly Devine praise dance team. I have participated in C.A.B. and volunteered in the community.

One piece of advice: No matter whats going on in the world, if you have a vision or dream, don’t feel insecure about pursuing it; go after it, go get it, go make a change in the world, even if its little or big.

Braxton Shelton-Epps was born and raised in the land of mumbo sauce and gogo music, Washington, D.C. The eldest of three, Braxton realized at a young age her passion for writing, and decided early on what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She is currently an English major, attending Clark Atlanta University. She plans to graduate in May of 2017.
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