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Rihanna Stops the Makeup World Again with Her Holiday Collection

The makeup world stopped when Rihanna released the first wave of her makeup line on September 8th at midnight. Sold online and at Sephora stores worldwide, Fenty Beauty became all social media discussed because of the 40 different foundation shades included and the quality of the rest of the line.

On Friday, October 13th, Rihanna released the Holiday Galaxy Collection, a collection filled with glitz and glam, which included more gloss and an actual eyeshadow palette. 

The Holiday line includes:

GALAXY: a $59 eyeshadow palette

GALAXY: a $24 2-way eyeshadow brush

COSMIC GLOSS: $19 lip glitter that comes in purple, orange, and two pink shades

ECLIPSE: $20 2-in-1 glitter release eyeliner that comes in green, nude, and blue

STARLIT: $19 hyper-glitz lipsticks that come in nude, purple, and two pink shades

This beautiful collection can be found on fentybeauty.com and sephora.com along with the original wave of products. We’re still waiting on an eyebrow pomade of some sort, but the products Fenty Beauty has to offer as of now can definitely hold us over.

Here’s my favorite video using some of the makeup from the line!

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