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Nice for what to these … but really. I’m sure everyone at this point everyone has heard Drake’s new song Nice For What, a sample of Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor featuring NOLA bounce mix and the lovely Big Freedia on the track.  Before we analyze the track, just know Drake knew he had a winner with his women audience this time.

On April 6th, 2018,

Drake dropped a song that not only makes women feel like “Stella got her groove back” but purely and happily empowers any woman who’s definitely been in the same mood as the shorty in the song is. The happy melody and overall tune of the song only compliment how perfect the lyrics are.

The video features many popular women figures such as Issa Rae, Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi, Tiffany Haddish, Emma Stone and more.

Now “watch the break down” on these lyrics.

“A song for y’all to cut up to, you know?” – Drake, you’re absolutely right, we sure have been.

“Had a man last year, life goes on. Haven’t let that thing loose, girl, in so long”  – We all, have had men (or in a man’s case a woman) who wasn’t our best fit, perhaps they took a lot of energy out of us or just didn’t work out. We stopped going out with our girls and having overall fun… not anymore. 

“Workin’ hard, girl, everything paid for. First-last, phone bill, car note, cable”- Amen, not only are we independent but also we got our own… period.

“And you showin’ off, but it’s alright”- I SURE AM. 

“You really pipin’ up on these niggas, You gotta be nice for what to these niggas?”  – In a direct quote from the rap genius annotation “Here Drake takes the perspective of a woman in our current society and comments on the hypocrisy they face. Especially in the rap/hip-hop industry, women are often objectified. Drake questions this practice, asking why women are held to such a high standard of respecting men but not vice-versa. Why would a woman go out of her way to respect a man when she does not get respected or treated well in return? Additionally, this woman is financially stable and has no need to rely on a man to support her, furthering her independence.” “You ain’t stressin’ off no lover in the past tense, you already had them” … had them, don’t want them, I’m living…dassit. 

“___talk down, you don’t see ‘em outside. Yeah, they don’t really be the same offline”- Basically, girls will hate but they’re not bout it, you’re in your own lane, living your best life and prospering…amen.

All in all, Drake really hit it home with this one; to all the ladies in the place who have been disrespected, mistreated or treated like they weren’t THAT girl… this is the song for you. Nice For What is a new signal to the era of the independent queen. 

Hello, my name is Tayla Minette Camper and I'm writer and membership advisor for HerCampus at CAU. I am currently a senior at the prestigious Clark Atlanta University.
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