Netflix's "Big Mouth"

The Netflix Original series Big Mouth is truly a wild ride, but one that we can kind of relate to.

Big Mouth is an intense coming of age series about, well, coming of age but with a blunt twist. It follows five pre-teen friends who are all going through that awkward stage in life where we all learn things about ourselves. From sex to periods, this series is, in my opinion, spot on when it comes to puberty (for girls at least). 

While each kid's experience is a bit different, they all center around the same thing - that extreme awkwardness of starting puberty and not being fully prepared. From the jump, Andrew is followed around by his Puberty Monster that constantly wants him to pleasure himself and causes several embarrassing "accidents." The female characters struggle with getting their first periods, buying bras, and dealing with boys in ways they would've never thought before. My favorite character is a gay seventh grader that bluntly tells it like it is, no matter who it is. While hitting hard points like family issues, Big Mouth also shows the silly side of growing up, like first kisses and being oblivious to the opposite sex's emotional differences.

Comedian Nick Kroll is the creative mind behind this project, and the 10-episode season also includes the voices of Maya Rudolph and Jordan Peele. They were able to take something so strange and new and turn it into an entertaining and vulgar animated series. While some think that Netflix has crossed the line with this adult cartoon, I think it's great. Receiving a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (Netflix's highest rated animated show,) Big Mouth is a hit, especially for those with an interesting sense of humor.


Photo credits: Netflix