Mercury Retrograde: What is it?

Mercury Retrograde: What is it?

As we entered the month of November, we were met with Mercury entering retrograde, what exactly does this mean for us?

The history of this retrograde can be traced back to the Mid-18th century. Mercury rules over your finances, communication and traveling ideas, so when the planet retrogrades (moves backward in motion) all plans you have are now being undone. On November 16th, 2018, Mercury is entering its last retrograde for the year, this will be done under the fire sign Sagittarius and will have its largest impact on Gemini’s, Virgos, and Pisces. Although Mercury retrograde will mainly only affect those signs, here are some the effects it will have on all of the signs.


Will experience petty problems & arguments. Miscommunications among friends will are more likely to occur during this retrograde.



Will feel "stuck in the clouds", incomplete daydreams will occur. Issues surrounding your creativity are more likely to spark during this period.


Will being reevaluating future goals during this retrograde, feelings will be heightened during this time period. 


Will experience frustration from communication in the bedroom, delay all life choices that involve money.


Will feel “unbalanced” during retrograde, avoid acknowledging gossip during this time period.


Daily task will become troubling, avoid multitasking, expect issues will home care (such as cooking).


Will cause drama and miscommunication within yourself, creativity will be hard to come by during this time.


Will affect family ties Libra- Life will be ”confusing” for the next few weeks, avoid being the “know-it-all”.


Will experience financial troubles, Avoid permanent decisions especially around the topic of relationships.


Will affect your perspective on yourself, local affairs will become a larger task at hand.


Expect issues in domestics, don't make any large real estate moves, problems with even basic paperwork can arise. 


Mercury retrograde deeply impacts technology, expect issues with it until retrograde ends December 6th. Mercury retrograde will also affect finances so don’t buy anything on a whim. In the general sense, Retrograde will cause the overflow of not feeling sure about anything, so don’t make any rash life decisions.  Mercury entering retrograde can also be known as the “shadow period”, the period in which the truth comes to light, communications fail and confirmations are hard to come by.