Losing My Middle School Friends & Boyfriend: How It Changed My Life For The Better

    Most young adults don’t have dramatic stories surrounding their old middle school crushes, which I can understand considering those years were not very life-changing. At least not for me. During the seventh grade, I had a harmless crush on a boy. We are going to call him Kevin. He didn’t like me back and that’s okay; he was more concerned with popularity anyways. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that he had found my social media and decided to hit me up. I didn’t think much of it until he began to flirt with me on Snapchat.

    I wasn’t shocked because I knew that one day he would come back. We ending up “dating” or “talking” for about two weeks. The first time I went to go see him was at his house and nothing seemed out-of-the-ordinary. We took pictures, videos, and caught up. Sounds normal right? Well, Kevin and I share mutual friends. However, our friends and I have a stronger relationship. Those same group of friends was my crew in middle school. I told one of my friends, Wilma, that Kevin and I were dating and I sent her a picture of us on Snapchat and she ended up screenshotting it. Immediately, I knew she was sending it to our other friends; Mya and Faith. 

    Wilma, Mya, and Faith were instigators. They thrived off drama and negativity. Fast forward to Valentine’s day: Kevin did not text or call me nor did we have any plans. I wasn’t really hurt, but I was angry and ready to argue with him about how I felt. That night, I ended up blocking him which was my childish way of ending our short relationship.

    About a week or two later, Mya, Faith, and I were hanging out and they kept trying to get information out of me about my relationship with Kevin. Not only did they attempt to make me feel bad about myself, but they told me that Kevin had said some really shady things about me. When they told me this, I was upset because they were supposed to be my friends and I truly did not want to talk about him in the first place. 

    Literally, the next week I was hanging out with Wilma and she told me that Kevin was talking to another girl as he was talking to me. In other words, he was cheating. I was extremely shocked. I never thought I would get cheated on. Suddenly, everything made sense considering he did display some questionable behavior at times. I was hurt which is normal, but I couldn’t believe that my friends allowed for it to happen. That was strike two.

    Fast forward to my senior year of high school. My confidence is at an all-time high and my tolerance for negativity and fake friends is at an all-time low. Wilma posted a screenshot of a conversation between her and Kevin on Snapchat. The actual conversation was crossed out (very lightly I might add) and her caption was something along the lines of; “he is so funny lol.” I was able to point out my name in the conversation, being that it is so unique. Basically, they were talking about me. If I am being completely transparent, they were laughing at me as well.

    So, I confided in another middle school friend; Kayla, who is very close with Wilma about her post on Snapchat. Kayla told Wilma what I said and Wilma ended up texting me about the situation. She told me that they were talking about his new girlfriend which was very hard to believe. That was strike three. After the whole incident, I unfollowed Kayla, Wilma, Mya, and Faith on all social media and deleted their numbers. I had been wanting to cut them off for a few weeks prior to that incident. I am glad that God showed me their true colors which ultimately lead me to cutting them off forever. To this day, they have all tried to hit me up - Kevin included, but I know my worth and they are certainly not worth my time, conversation, or company.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people involved.*