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Life of La Flame: Travis Scott’s Rise To Fame

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Jacques Webster, or as most people know as Travis Scott,  is one of the most influential rappers of our time. Many also know Travis as La Flame or Cactus Jack. Houston rapper signed his first record deal in 2012 with epic records and has signed two more deals since then. Travis also undertakes producing, singing, and songwriting for other artists along with his own personal music. I find Travis Scott very relevant due to the fact that he is a musical genius, his latest studio album Astroworld is my favorite album, and he is very personable and giving to his fans.

If you have ever listened to a Travis Scott record you can’t help but to acknowledge the eloquence of the beat no matter what song it is. Whether you enjoy the words or not a Travis Scott beat will never disappoint. It is very apparent that Travis takes his time and is very particular about his production in an attempt to make each song better than the next. He also does this by incorporating a variety of diverse features in all of his projects. Scott possesses three studio albums, one of which is a collaborative album with Quavo, 4 mixtapes, one ep, and over 100 features. He has been very successful in his career and has worked with honorable greats such as Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar. Travis is musically ahead of his time and will continue to influence young artists and young fans for years to come.

Not only is Travis Scott a renowned performer he recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Stormi Webster with his said to be “wifey” Kylie Jenner in February of 2018. They don’t know the exact moment they met, but they starting dating after constantly hanging out with each other with mutual friends. The couple has since become inseparable and their love is far from a secret. Travis has consistently mentioned Jenner in songs with lines such as, “Baby mama cover of Forbes got this other b ***** shook” after Kylie Jenner became the youngest self-made billionaire ever. To this day, Travis Scott has never missed a beat  when it comes to sharing his appreciation for his family. Travis Scott has just finished Leg 2 of the Astroworld tour and plans on making up for all the lost time. I am sure he is more than excited to get a break from the rockstar life and enjoy some quality time with his loved ones.

Astroworld is one of the most immaculate albums that I have ever heard. I even have this album tattooed below my collarbone. There are tons of features on this album that are simply legendary.  Frank Ocean, Migos, The Weekend, Stevie Wonder, and 21 Savage to name a few. The beat changes, adlibs, and lyrics alone are renowned. This album hasn’t left the charts since it came out. It took Travis a little over three years to drop this album. You could not begin to imagine how torturous this wait was for his fans. The album turned out to be a masterpiece and there are tracks on it that will never be forgotten.

   Not only is Travis musically apt, he is very personable and gives a lot to his fans. He prefers to his fanbase as “ragers”. He encourages his supporters all around the world to let go of all of their problems, lives in the moment, and just rage. Unlike some individuals who use their money to buy the fastest cars and the brightest jewelry, Travis chooses to give back to his supporters.

For Thanksgiving, he gave thousands of dollars away to families who were less fortunate. He also participates in celebrity basketball games for charity. Travis recently gave away 100,000 to fans via cash up due to the success of his album. He acknowledges that we are the reason he has climbed up the charts year after year. He inspires people of this generation to be yourself no matter what. His fans truly ride or die and will continue to show support.

I do not expect every individual in the world to agree with my opinions about Travis Scott. I feel as if people should at least acknowledge his unmistakable talent. He is a maximalist who hit the ground running from the jump, and he is only getting faster. Astroworld was intellectually gratifying, to say the least. Travis tries his best to appeal to every genre and always go outside the box. It is not only evident in his music, but in his interactions. He goes out of his way for his fans to assure they get the same energy they give. I am an everlasting rager, and I will forever be proud of Travis’ accomplishments.  I plan to see a lot more of him in the future years to come.



Greetings, my name is Kayla Martinez. I am a freshman at Clark Atlanta University, and I'm a speech communications major. I moved to Atlanta Georgia after graduating high school in Auburn New York. I am excited for this journey and it is a pleasure to be able to say I'm apart of HerCampus CAU.