Let's Take A Ride!: Part I

Which car is the best? I want to do a car segment on both American Muscle and Imports. I want to explain to my readers which is my favorite cars out here in these streets and you tell me which one is the best. This is also informational, I will be giving you background on each car and go into detail as to why the car is a favorite for me. So stick along for the ride! 

We are going to start this week with the great American Muscle! My all-time favorite and my first love. Although when I was born my dad 96 Acura Legend when I started going through my Daddy’s girl attached to his hip phase. I later fell in love with American Muscle because of my father. When I was four he bought a Trans Am, that he still has to this day. That will one day be mine! As I got older I fell in love with his car and many other muscle cars like Corvettes especially stingrays. Those new ones look too mean. I love Chargers. But if you get the right one, they can most definitely break necks. The three cars I want to highlight are The Challenger, the Mustang and the best. . . the Trans Am.

Challenger: The Challenger! This is one bad car when you buy the right one. If I were to get a Challenger it would most definitely be an SRT. There’s no other way. The Dodge Challenger is the name of three unique ages of vehicles delivered by American car producer Dodge. The third and current age is a pony vehicle that was presented in mid-2008 initially as an adversary to the developed fifth era Ford Mustang and the fifth-age Chevrolet Camaro. Challengers got a lot of recognition after the film Vanishing Point (1971) was released. Getting the name Kowalski.

Mustang: The Mustang! Another car my father has. The Ford Mustang is an American vehicle fabricated by Ford. It was initially founded on the foundation of the second era North American Ford Falcon, a conservative vehicle. The first 1962 Ford Mustang I two-seater ideal vehicle had developed into the 1963 Mustang II four-seater idea vehicle which Ford used to pretest how the open would check out the primary creation Mustang. Mustangs are known! But do you know Elanor? Gone In 60 Seconds (1974) will inform you of just the beauty of who Elanor is. 

Trans Am: The Trans Am WS6! My favorite! The other car my father has (he has too many). The car is the first muscle car I fell in love with. Sadly Pontiac doesn't make these cars anymore, actually, they don't make cars at all. But best believe this car will turn heads! The Trans Am was a claim to fame bundle for the Firebird, normally overhauling dealing with, suspension, and torque, just as minor appearance adjustments, for example, selective hoods, spoilers, mist lights, and wheels. Four particular ages were delivered somewhere in the range of 1969 and 2002.  Trans Am set the scene in Smokey And The Bandit (1977). People knew those headlights anywhere.


I hope you enjoyed the ride and hope you think my car selection is official. Come back next week for the imports!