Let's Get Real About Her Conference

Her Conference is an event held annually that brings top hitters from varying industries, and young women together to collaborate and network. The conference consists of multiple workshops, free swag, and plenty of opportunities to rub elbows with the top dogs of multiple industries.

In the past, Her Conference has had speakers such as actresses Jessica Maria Garcia and Jessica Alba, blogger Gabi Gregg, and gold medal Olympian Michelle Carter. Previous event sponsors include Ulta Beauty, Juicy Couture, The New York Times, Rebecca Minkoff, Bumble, and Mary Kay just to name a few.


Why I would love to be in attendance:

So, as you can see, this is an event no one wants to miss, including me. As a writer, an event like this would pivotal for my career. To have the opportunity to not only network with important people in the industry but also like-minded individuals with the same passion and drive that I possess would be amazing. I’m currently majoring in Mass Media Arts with a concentration in Print Journalism. I have aspirations to one day write for the likes of CNN, Essence, or Teen Vogue. With that being said, writing isn’t just something I have to do in order to graduate college and get a degree. For me, it’s more than that.

Writing is my creative outlet, my stress relief, and something I hope to turn into a career one day. Growing up, writing was my avenue to escape the everyday troubles I faced, and retreat into an imaginary world where I called the shots. No matter what it is, I’m a firm believer that you can always learn something new in your craft. Her Conference would provide me with the avenue to do just that.


Why Black Representation at HCHQ Her Conference Matters:

Her Campus CAU is among 6 HBCU Her Campus chapters out of the over 300 chapters around the world. So, you can imagine that we are severely underrepresented. This coupled with the fact that Her Conference costs thousands of dollars and HBCUs, in general, are extremely underfunded is a recipe for disaster. Although Her Campus partially funds the conference, the cost alone is a huge deterrent for many HBCUs to not attend. More black representation at Her Conference would ensure that Black people are equipped with the same tools and knowledge as our peers. Black communities are often overlooked when opportunities arise or only sought after if a company is looking for a “token black person.” The same raw talent that’s at PWIs can be found at HBCUs. However, due to the lack of what I call the “Three R’s:" riches, representation, and resources, this talent goes unseen. Her Conference is the perfect setting for our voices to be heard, and presence to be felt. 

The question isn't about who should be able to attend this conference, but how this type of representation would help Black students and content creators. It would be an honor to attend and be apart of this change. Moreover, I want it to be known that our chapter is filled with creators with unmeasurable talent. 

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