KJ Blue, The Game Changer

Name: Kenneth Blue II , better known as KJ 
Major: Business w/ a concentration in Finance
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Birthday/Sign: May 25th /Gemini
Relationship Status: I'm Single!
Instagram/Twitter: @Kjflu / @kjflu_
He's an AUC socialite,the man with dance moves like Chris Brown, and oh yeah, he hates negativity. He's awesome already right? RIGHT!! This entertaining hearthrob is well on his way of living out his dreams. He sat down with Her Campus and gave us the "tea" on his life. Read more about the infamous "KJ" below and find out why he was chosen as this week's Profile Pick.
Her Campus: I've seen the video #11XHUMAN and noticed that you played a role in the film. How did that opportunity come about?
Kenneth Blue II: "That project came about by me meeting Q and Rell ,my brothers/friends, at March Madness,( An event kicking off the basketball season at Clark Atlanta University). They connected me in with this production company called Trenative owned by @davidkwonkim. TreNative partnered up with Akoofilms owned by Tip "T.I.", on the 11xhuman project, then one night I received a call from Greg Clawson (Camera man for 11xhuman) asking if I wanted to be a part of this project and I agreed. Then the next day I'm up filming for the 11xhuman film.
HC: How did the video impact your views on black crime and police brutality?
KJ: "The video was really a platform showing that there is more to this world than what you see on a regular basis. Like, it really had me thinking about the recent increase of black crime and police brutality in society. Our African American communities need better support systems and more attention focusing on youth and also provide more opportunities to show that there is more to life than what they see on a daily basis."
HC: What is FLU? Hahaha ( It's something I've seen a lot on your IG page)
KJ: "FLÛ- FLU is me! It could be used in a form of a noun or a verb. But, I got the idea from the sickness the "flu" and the "flu" is contagious, so I turned the illness into a good thing and formulated it into "KJFLU" to say that my energy, personality, dancing, character etc. is contagious to others and I feel I can really control a persons mood and put a smile on people's faces just being me."
HC :How would your friends describe you?
KJ: "Honestly, they'll probably say that I'm loud, humorous, and a character."
HC: So you mentioned that you were single,which means I'm pretty sure a lot of ladies are happy to hear that news. What would you say is your best feature?
KJ: I'm outgoing and caring. If I'm really feeling this young lady, I can be very loyal. I let things take its course and live life.
HC: What is the most romantic thing you've done for a woman/ young lady?
KJ: "When I had a girlfriend we went out for dinner and got a hotel room for Valentine's Day. I bought some rose petals and spread them across the floor. I even bought candles and played good music, to make sure the mood was right. I wanted to give that comfortable romantic feel."
HC: I think you're popular around the AUC because everyone knows who you are....at least they think they do. LOL! What is something no one knows about you?
KJ: "Ha, good one! Well, I play chess, I use to play soccer, hockey, and I wanna live in North Korea one day and do some impactful work out there."
HC: Who/what is your inspiration in life?
KJ: "My family because they've done a lot for me. Their teachings and morals have raised me into the man I am today. I'm blessed!"
HC: What challenges have you overcome, since attending CAU?
KJ:"I would have to say adjusting to the college life"
                                                                                                                                  ( shot by Mari @only.marii)
HC: What organizations are you involved in on campus?
KJ: "Collegiate 100 of Clark Atlanta University and I'm also a mentor for Men's Initiative Program (MIP)."
HC: What are you doing outside of being a student at CAU?
KJ: "I'm an actor, event host, and model. I get opportunities by making different connections within the AUC and the city of Atlanta. I'm also working on a HUGE project for this summer, I can't release information on just yet. But know that this summer will be a MOVIE!  Like,in one movie I'll be featured as playing as one of the officers. The film is  called "The Rookies" playing on Netflix and a few other places. I have a few more film projects coming up that I will be a part of, but its best ot just follow my social media to keep up with my different projects." 
HC: Where do you see yourself five years from now?
KJ: "In five years I see myself being  a positive impact in the entertainment industry and owning several businesses. Oh yeah, and also owning my own Music Festival."
                                                                                                                           ( Taken from KJ's Instagram)
HC: Have you ever had a bad experience hosting an event?
KJ: "Yes, it was the first time I touched the mic at a pep rally, and I was not expecting to host this event. This took place at GSU ( Georgia State University), where I was asked to shoutout a party and once I attempted to say the name of the event, my words were just out of control. Haha.. I started stuttering and stumbling over the words and didn't stop until I was done. The students were just looking at me like I was crazy.
That was my first time and I was nervous as hell and had to break out that first stage of getting comfortable with a new craft. Now when I host, I just get free- minded and do me and allow people to feed off my energy and dancing."
HC: Lastly, is there anything you would like to leave with our readers? Any advice?
KJ: " Be yourself, be comfortable with yourself, and how you carry yourself. That's a big thing because people are always talking about how I dance and how it's annoying, but hey, I don't care. I dance to bring happiness and life to campus."
TOP 5 Things on Bucket List
See Dwayne Wade play in person
Perform in multiple arenas around the world with my brothers
Attend March Mardness
Get a tour of the White House from Top to Bottom
Go hunting.
TOP 5 Places to Travel
North Korea
New York
TOP 5  Characteristics of Your Ideal Woman
TOP 5 Artists (Musical)
"I can't decide. Honestly if the artist is groovey I like their music"
Top 5 Movies
Mighty Joe Young
Big Momma House
The Luck of the Irish