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Jessica Melton, Class of 2017!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Name: Jessica F. Melton

Hometown: Alabama

Major: Accounting

Classification: Junior, (‘17)

Relationship Status: I am currently at a point where I am learning to enjoy the presence of myself and to become the person who can be exactly who God desires me to be for a special someone.

Turn ons/off: I enjoy someone who can communicate in a way that will intrigue our minds and allow us both to tap into an intellectual mindset, but also understand the importance of humor. Also, I love a dapper man, who can cook, loves to try new things and is true to himself. I do not necessarily enjoy an individual who is not humble and does not appreciate the smaller things in life. Also, it turns me off when a male cannot make me their main priority or extend their attention to me. 

Congratulations to Jessica for being chosen as this week’s Campus Cutie! Here are a few questions we asked to let you know why we chose her. 

Favorite quote: “Women who fit in hardly stand out; therefore, celebrate authenticity and unapologetically be you.”

Celebrity Crush: Omari Hardwick

Favorite Food: Grilled Salmon

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite hangout spot: the gym and church

Top of your bucket list: skydiving

Dream Job: Personal Accountant/ Attorney

What or who inspires you? “I am deeply inspired by any individual who has contributed and impacted my life visibly and invisibly.”

What do you do in your spare-time? “In my spare time, I enjoy reading books that relate to wealth creation and management and increasing my personal brand. I also enjoy experiencing new restaurants, shopping and cooking.”

Name your favorite movie of all-time?  “I have two favorites that are totally opposite of each other, which are The Lion King and The Wood.”

What pick-up lines have guys used to express their interest for you? “Ha, this is interesting. Guys would usually begin with saying something such as, “You’re so beautiful, I would love to get to know you.” Majority of the time, I would respond by saying, “You’re so silly.”

Why CAU? “I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and I feel as though coming to CAU was ordained for my life. After being accepted to many institutions and offered numerous academic scholarships, each time I visited CAU, I felt as if I were home even though I was hours away from my actually hometown. After in depth consideration, I committed to CAU after receiving a full academic scholarship and realizing that it was time for a great change in my life. In doing so, I can truly attest that CAU has been a life changing experience since my start.”

Southern women are proclaimed to be a “beast” in the kitchen and that there’s no one like them. If you had to rate your cooking skills on a scale from 1 to 10, what would it be? “Ha, it was mandatory that I learned how to cook as a young girl. I always watched my grandmothers, aunts and parents cook. I am always learning how to improve my skills. With that being said, I would rate my skills as an 8 compared to those who have influenced my skills. However, compared to many my age, who really do not show interest in cooking, I would rate myself 10+.”

Difficulty of being a Preacher’s Kid? “I have always declared that I am a different breed of a PK, but I simply hate that there are a mass of stereotypes as it relates to us. We are human just as everyone else, and people sometimes fail to realize that. We should not be held to a higher stigma simply because of our parent(s) decision to be a deliverer of the Word.”

You have a great sense of fashion and some may even say you’re one of the top fashionistas on campus.  Out of curiosity, who or what influence your style? Thank you for the compliment. I simply always think of my family when I am wearing clothes. I feel as if what I am wearing is a reflection upon my parents and how they raised me. Whether I am wearing sneakers or a flare skirt, I must always remain respectful of myself and others, classy and confident

Something no one knows? “I absolutely LOVE dogs and collecting sneakers!”

Wow, who would have thought that you love sneakers! Speaking of sneakers, what is your favorite brand?  “My all time favorite brands would be Nike and Jordan, which are the brands that I purchase the most.”



Hello! My name is Sydney Coffee and I am from Tampa, FL. Currently, I am a senior, Mass Media Arts Major at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. When I graduate, I would like to further my education at the University of Southern California. I would one day like to become an anchor for E! News, and also have my own cosmetics line .
Kayla Antoinette Walker has always been an ambitious and motivated young woman and has always set high standards for herself. She is an aspiring event/wedding coordinator majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. She chose to attend Clark Atlanta after graduating Valedictorian of her high school class at Carver High School in Columbus, GA. As a senior, Kayla has a passion for mentoring and wants to bring a sense of pride and empowerment to the women of Clark Atlanta to encourage them to "be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire". Kayla says to always be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class. Go forth and be great!