Iyla Blue: A R&B Gem

            Have you ever decided to grow a plant? You spend hours watering it and watching the pot slowly blossom. As it grows, you get the satisfaction of pride, by witnessing its rise. This is the same feeling I get when I see other people reach the top level in their field of business. Personally, I have always found joy in watching a new artist do this. The idea of discovering a new legend in a genre is inspiring. Artists that push boundaries in their respected genres are consistently skyrocketting in today’s society.

 Over the course of this week, I discovered a new face in R&B by the name of Iyla Blue. The young artist is from Los Angeles and has been known in the industry for roughly six years. The artist even had a 2014 RIAA Platinum hit with rap legend, Snoop Dogg, titled “Walking on Air.” However, in October she debuted her EP, War + Raindrops. Not only did the project redefined her image, but she also caught the attention of music lovers everywhere. The combination of her voice and lyrics makes her so memorable.

            Blue starts the EP with the song “Flowers.” The song embodies the emotions of hurt and repetitive disappointment. In the beginning, the lyrics state “don’t need bouquets, just shut that down right now.” Blue is telling her significant other to stop using flowers to right their wrongs. She even confirms these notions in her chorus with “they’re pretty and all but I’m scarred by the thorns on those flowers.” The emotions of this first song makes listeners want to continue the whole EP by enforcing relatable fears and concepts. 

            By the time people get to “Juice,” Blue’s attitude captivates listeners into fans. Unlike the first song, Blue is now fond of her significant lover. She explains to fans that her lover “might be the one.” In addition, she says she even found love. Blue is able to display her love and anger, while still maintaining the mellow sound that fans enjoy.

            Although, Iyla obviously has a long way to go to achieve superstar, Beyonce-esq status, her alternative vision is what makes her so appealing. In the video of “Juice,” she adds visuals of color and eye-catching content. The video adds to the context of the song, ultimately, revealing how Blue has the ability to attract men unexpectedly. Moreover, she surprises herself, especially when she was never “looking for love.”

            Blue is slowly taking over the charts as well. Within a course of one month from dropping her EP, she had reached No. 10 on Amazon Music’s Introducing New R&B Artist List. Additionally, over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Overall, this new artist will give you the same vibes as H.E.R or Daniel Ceaser. On the contrary, her distinct visuals elevate the ambience to one of Jaden Smith. The creativity of her EP will enchant you. Make sure to check out War + Raindrops on all platforms!