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An Inside Scoop on Mississippi’s Gem, Kentrelle Moore

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

This Southern gentleman hails from Jackson, Mississippi, but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Here in the A, he’s a Psychology major attending Clark Atlanta University.Brittany: Fine thank you. So let’s jump right in, tell me a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your classification? What is your major?


Kentrelle: Yesssss straight to the point! Well my name is Kentrelle Moore, I’m a psychology major from Jackson, Mississippi and I am a freshman.


Brittany: How was life growing up in Jackson, Mississippi ?


Kentrelle: Extremely boring. Everything was pretty much like you did it one way or there was no other way to do it. No difference, no rebellion, nothing.


Brittany: Boring? That seems like the opposite of what I’ve heard. I asked around to get a feel of who you were and people had nothing but positive things to say. Such as you were outspoken, funny, vibrant, and always a good time. So coming from a boring upbringing, how did you develop your vibrant personality?


Kentrelle: I set myself apart from everyone else. I was always doing what wasn’t normal. I learned that happiness doesn’t come from other people. I had to find it on my own. If having a certain style was what was “in” I’d do what wasn’t in. That’s how I became me. I wasn’t focused on the popular materialistic aspect of things either, even though I do love clothes.


Brittany: How would you describe yourself in one word?


Kentrelle: Charismatic.


Brittany: Why?


Kentrelle: Because out of an entire crowd you can point me out. Or instead of Charismatic you can just put Kentrelle. There’s only one of me.


Brittany: You’re absolutely correct. Earlier when you introduced yourself, you stated you were a psychology major. I’m actually a psychology major as well. What made you choose psychology?


Kentrellle: I’ve always liked talking to people and getting to know different cultures and backgrounds.


Brittany: So in Mississippi, is there a cultural difference or is everything pretty much the same?


Kentrelle: Pretty much the same, that’s what I was actually trying to get away from. It wasn’t as racist as people think it is. I grew up in a predominately black area, but there were some areas that were racists. You could most definitely tell white cities from black cities.


Brittany: Growing up in an area within a lack of culture and it’s differences, how do you feel about the recent muslim ban?


Kentrelle: I feel outraged because it just shows how racist of a president Donald Trump is. It also takes away privileges from those Muslims who have traveled all the way from home and left everything behind.


Brittany: How would you think you would feel, being put in a situation as such?


Kentrelle: I would feel like my ancestors fought for nothing. I would be outraged.


Brittany: So what actions do you feel need to be taken?


Kentrelle: Impeach Donald Trump. That’s the only way.


Brittany: I agree. A student who attended Clark Atlanta University is now stuck back home, and she can no longer continue her journey as a student on campus, legally. In your opinion what can we do as students to fix that?


Kentrelle: Continue to protest, write letters to legislation, do as much as we humanly possibly can. We can’t do as much as we want to because it is now considered legal but as long as our voices are heard, that’s all that matters. If we were in their shoes , I’m pretty sure we’d want the same.


Brittany: So from what I can see, you seem very compassionate about the issues. Would you say politics is something that you take very seriously? Or are you more laxed when it comes to certain aspects of politics.


Kentrelle: I myself don’t really have a certain grab for politics. I’m not as interested as i should be.


Brittany: Do you plan to change that? If so how?


Kentrelle: I do plan to change it, and I plan to change it by not only just listening to the news and CNN but actually, understanding and analyzing it. I guess just try to be more detailed as to what’s going on and what policies are being instilled. Especially since our president is DOnald Trump. Now I have to pay attention to small things like who is behind him, who’s working with him. Everything changed now so everything matters.


Brittany: As a psychology major, we tend to see both sides to every story, do you think you see any good in the changes going on in the world? Such as the elected president and vice president, the mayor, new buildings, and more?


Kentrelle: No. It’s all predominantly negative. It’s now become a race genocide. Nothing is being changed for the better, it’s all based on someone’s greed. Prime example, the stadium is being rebuilt to bring more money to a “white” man. Houses that are predominantly obtained by black people are “mysteriously” burning down and having complications. There is no right side, when the situation is so one-sided. There’s only one positive. Some whites are starting to realize that they made a mistake in electing Donald Trump as president. Other than that, it’s all negative.


Brittany: The change just doesn’t stop with us. It continues for generations to come. What advice would you have for incoming students, especially psychology majors at ?


Kentrelle: Look past what the news tells you and whatever negativity your peers may bring. You can only let it affect you if you feed into it. Donald Trump shouldn’t scare you , he should motivate you to make changes. Make those changes because your past doesn’t depict your future. What you do in the present does.


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