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I Got 99 Problems & My Height is One: 10 Phrases that Annoy Tall Women

When you have examples like Tyra Banks, Eniko Hart, Lisa Leslie, Joirdin Sparks, and all of the Victoria Secret Angel models, being a tall woman doesn’t seem too bad after all. Nevertheless, just about everyone you meet looks at you like an Amazon and expects you to do an A1 athlete. Although we’re flattered by the Amazon goddess comments, us tall women have problems too….like daily. Read more below on our everyday struggle we hear everyday.

1. Can you reach something for me? This one irritates me the most because sometimes it will be something very high up and they act like I’m the last girl from the incredible or something. 

2. You’re so tall. Wow, I really did had no idea, I mean the weather is nice up here if you’re wondering before you say that corny “how’s the weather up there” joke. Don’t be a headass. 

3. Wow, you must play basketball! Absolutely not. I ran track all throughout high school, however, and that was another “wow your strides are so long” type of thing. 

4. Why do you wear heels? You’re already tall. I AM, and I look good doing it. Next. 

5. Followed up by “It’s so brave that you’re wearing heels around guys”. First of all, if a man is intimidated by me because I’m taller than him then that’s a problem he needs to take up with God, I was made just fine. 

6. Must you model then, right? This isn’t as bad until you’re walking down the promenade and people ask it back to back. I’m ugly, not really but no I don’t model either. 

7.You look short in pictures. I mean I don’t know what to tell you about that.

8. How tall are you? Tall enough. 

9. Can you get behind me in the picture, you’re too tall. I hate this one especially during events or when pictures need to get taken, there is always some girl in the background making a comment about how I should move out of the way….sis hit the cheerleader squat in front of me and call it a day.

10.WHEW….them legs girl. I don’t like being catcalled, please don’t catcall me for anything, not my height, not my appearance, not my demeanor. It’s so uncomfortable walking around on a hot day in some shorts or a skirt and having a grown man make some weirdly aggressive comment about my legs. 

Hello, my name is Tayla Minette Camper and I'm writer and membership advisor for HerCampus at CAU. I am currently a senior at the prestigious Clark Atlanta University.
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