How I Survived My First Beauty Mishap While Away At College

Beauty mishaps can occur when you least expect them. My mishap in particular, unexpectedly happened at midnight before I was supposed to go to class. I woke up, started my morning, and decided to spend the day with my sister. She noticed my eyebrows were getting a little bushy and suggested I get them done or clean them up. Now for about a year I’ve been doing my own eyebrows since I’ve had so many horrible experiences getting them done by people who just never got my shape right or made them way too thin. Once I  enrolled in beauty school 101 via I decided that I could do my brows by myself. I made a horrible error in judgment by thinking I could just simply clean up my brows without using my normal tools because I considered myself an expert. So I went to the mirror grabbed some tissue and hair removal cream. Next, I placed the cream over my brows.

I will admit I just slabbed the hair removal cream all over but I still didn't expect the worst. Then the unthinkable happens. I started to feel both of my eyebrows burning I rushed to the mirror take a wet cloth and realize I just burned off my eyebrows! They were not completely gone but a big chunk was missing on both of my eyebrows. I could not believe I did this to myself. For years I left my brows alone to grow them out. Time after time I would get them done and eventually they were so thin that I barely had any brows on my face. After staring at myself in the mirror for about 10 minutes I started to think how am I going to fix my Brows? I mean I'm good at makeup and doing a cute light beat but I've never had to create an entire eyebrow before.  So here’s how I survived my first beauty mishap in college.

My first step after I had my horrible break down was to breathe and think about all of my options. I thought about different makeup products I could try and watched YouTube videos to see what other people did. I realized the best option for me was to try to draw them on. So I took a waterproof pencil to try to create a brow out of thin air and I went to class. It was a little hot that day but I didn’t think much of it until I got home looked in the mirror and realized I had sweated off both of my brows. So the whole day I was walking around campus with no eyebrows. Waterproof pencils didn't work so I looked up semi-permanent products that would last all day. I had also found a semi-permanent fiber that you put on your skin where your eyebrows were and according to the reviews it lasted about a week. I spent $18 on this product and prayed it would do the job. I placed the fibers on my skin where my eyebrows used to be and realized it actually worked! I would put the fibers on my brows before I would go to class and at night put Jamaican castor oil on them to help them grow. I did this for about two months and at the end of the spring semester, my eyebrows finally grew back! In the end, I learned to always use professional tools and not to slab Nair all over my face because I will most likely burn off my eyebrows. I've attached some pictures of my eyebrows before I grew them out when they were unbelievably thin, a picture after I grew them out as well as after I accidentally burned them off so you can laugh at my pain. Enjoy! This is a very cringe-worthy picture of me in high school after my eyebrows were threaded so much they were barely visible. Here's a picture of me years later after I successfully grew them out. Finally, the picture everyone has been waiting for. I know it doesn't look that bad but trust me in person it was a nightmare. Here's a picture of my eyebrows today. They're not as thick as they once were but I don't care I'm just glad they're back.