How to be A Pageant Hero

As you know, it is pageant season and the crowns and titles are rolling in like dice. Many of us have friends who participate in pageants every year, whereas some of us may have friends experiencing first pageant jitters. Being a supporter during this time in your friends’ life is crucial. However, your virtual best friends have exactly what you need to make this season smooth for you and your friends.

1. Support by being monetarily. Most pageants are NOT cheap. Make donations towards her entry fees, hair and make-up, hotel and flight fees (if that applies), wardrobe and anything else they may need for their pageant.

2. Be distinctive. Make hand-made crafted gifts to show how appreciative you are and how much you truly care about them as well as support them. You could even make them their favorite meal before their pageant. This is sure to make them melt, but in a good way.

3. Be personal. Write them a hand-written good luck letter or quick message letting them know how much you care about them. This will help with getting rid of nerves and gitters.

4. Be YOU. Don’t stop being you and doing the things that make you, YOU. If there were ever a time that was needed for you to be yourself, it would be during the time your friend is going through their pageant process.

5. Be a little crazy. While being in the audience front and center, manage to somehow always be the loudest and most heard person out there. Be so loud that your friend can hear you all the way up on that stage supporting them. Do they have any nicknames that they go by? Yell it out loudly and proudly. They may seem embarrassed for a bit, but they’ll thank you for it later.

6. Be social. Show your support via social media. Let everyone know who you are supporting and what pageant your friend is going to be in and let them know how you are positive they’ll be taking that win. You could also post good luck tweets as well as good luck pictures and statuses.

7. Be THERE. Showing up to their appearances and anything else relative to the pageant that they may have going on. Remember they just don’t need your support at the pageant; they need you there and supporting them during the entire pageant process.

Now that you have read these tips, you are prepared to go into pageant season with your friend(s) being the best and supportive friend that you can be. If you ever need a reminder or two, just be sure to revert back to these tips. Good luck and may you be the best supporter that you can be.