HCCAU Secrets On Surviving Finals!

How could we dare have fun and enjoy Finals Week? You guessed it, HC Final Survival Kits!  From those overnighters in Club Woodi, group projects, and even those 20+ paged research papers- we can all finally say, “WE SURVIVED!” Some of us may have considered dropping out of college, a few of us cried, while others realized procrastination is the devil. Although it was not an easy war, the stress from finals week is in the past.

We’re sure studying an entire semester in one night was draining, therefore a food reward is definitely the answer! What’s a prize without a meal from our favorite place Chipotle!? Take yourself, your friends, or even your study group to enjoy the BOGO & Free Entre meals cards.

Decided to go the semester without a wallet and now you’ve lost your Panther Paw Card for the 2nd time? No problem! Vera Bradley has the perfect on- the- go Zip ID Case that is great for carrying your ID’s, money, and Chipotle BOGO cards. With “Cuddle Season” still in effect, Vera Bradley also provided a comfy throw blanket, perfect for any movie night.

Remember when Beyoncé rocked her flawless line of flash tattoos? Well you can too! Get your Yoncé on with Michael Kors’ 24k Brilliant Gold- Scented Flash Tattoos.  A perfect scented accessory for the holidays that’ll spice up any outfit, courtesy of MK.

Other important sponsors that made finals week unforgettable include: TRESemme, Proactive, Know Your Crew, Co- EEZE, AdmitSee, and SOREL. With all of these wonderful items you’ll be sure to have a wonderful recovery after finals and looking great doing it! Thank you to the Her Campus Team and sponsors for this fabulous survival kit. Enjoy your break Collegiettes and happy holidays!