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HC SURVIVAL KIT: Innisfree Green Tea Intensive Hydrating Skin Care Line

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

In our #HerCampusSurvivalKit, we received an Innis Free Welcome Kit. It included 4 steps, a Green Tea mask, followed by an Intensive Hydrating Serum, Intensive Hydrating eye cream and ending with an Intensive Hydrating Cream.

Image by Kennedi Joiner 

It was packaged in white and green packaging. I personally appreciate this packaging because it was eco-friendly, by not a lot of unnecessary packaging.

This product has plant-based ingredients, is cruelty-free AND vegan! As a person with sensitive skin, I love the idea that all of these ingredients can be found in nature because it’s less likely to invoke a reaction from my face All-natural products usually always come through for me heavy so the initial excitement I had was real!

The first step in this beauty system is a green tea sheet mask. The product was thoroughly distributed throughout the mask and had a fresh, clean smell like a bar of hotel soap. After wearing this product for 10 minutes I noticed a healthy glow, and it left my face feeling extremely moisturized.

The following step is the Hydrating serum. I applied this on top of the residue of the mask, as these products are very cohesive. The serum has a nice, EXPENSIVE smell. Like money

It was not too liquidy, or gel-like, and it left an even BETTER glow than the mask.

Image by Kennedi Joiner 

The next step is the Intensive eye cream. It had a custard consistency, with no smell. I appreciate the fact that there is no scent in this product since it is on sensitive skin and close to my nose. When I applied it, it went on like butter! And the best part? There’s no residue, and it’s easy to rub in.

The final step is the Intensive Hydrating cream. This product smells like cheap hotel soap. I’m not a fan. But it has a nice, thick consistency that I believe adds to the hydrating process. There is not a lot of product on the sample that was given to me, so I’m not sure that I received the full effect of the product.

After about 10 minutes, this beauty system still had a little bit of residue left on my face, not too much tho. Nothing that would stain my pillows. This is definitely something I’d do at night to let the products settle in my face.

Overall, I rate this beauty system a 9 out of 10! It does the job and leaves your skin feeling moisturized but not sticky. It was not time-consuming making it easy for collegiate cuties on the go (like myself), to make this a nightly routine. The only thing that makes it a little less desirable for me is the smell of some of the products, I’m not necessarily a fan of the hotel soap ambiance and it’s not something I necessarily want on my face. Other than that, it performs all the functions as advertised on the packaging, and most importantly, it’s gentle. And WE STAN A GENTLE MOISTURIZER!

Make sure you go get into the Innisfree Green Tea Line today, HCCAU highly recommends it!

20 year old sophomore from little rock. mass media arts major, political science minor at clark atlanta university.