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Four 2019 Projects That Need to be Listened to in 2020

2019 was the year of music. Some artist were even putting out three to four projects. It was a big year for collab projects. The sounds people were putting out gave similar vibes to the summer of 2016 (just missing Lil Uzi Vert). So many amazing projects were put out that you may have missed some. Although 2019 (and we still have not received R9 but who’s salty?) is done with, there are still projects that should have recieves some awards. Of course, with award shows like the VMA’s and the Grammy’s, projects have to be out by a certain deadline, but some projects have won awards that weren’t as popular as their competition. The projects below are ones that hould have won something, or been shown off heavily.

  1. Everything for Sale- Boogie

This project was captivating from start to finish. The lyrics really solidified the story A Boogie was telling. Boogie’s raspy voice compliments the various beats so well. To go with the album, he released a short film that leaves the true meaning of the film up to the audience. For me, it gave very much Kanye West “Runaway” era. His west coast


  1. Ugh, Those Feels Again- Snoh Aalegra


This project was a passion piece. It went through the motions of the “talking stage” and relationships. Aalegra’s smooth voice with the matching production creates a vibe that may have been missing for some in R&B. She brings the old school music back to life with a modern twist. Some have compared her to a modern day Sade. Aalegra was a big fan of Prince and he also took her under his wing.


  1. Emmanuel- Ameer Vann

Probably one of the most surprising yet satisfying comebacks of 2019. After Ameer Vann’s departure from his group “ BROCKHAMPTON” he disappeared from social media, and most of the world. He spent majority of 2018 working back in Houston with his mother. This project very much shows his dirty south influences and explains what he has been going through during his time away like dealing with leaving the group he was a co-founder of. The production having hard basses and 808’s behind them. It is a very different sound from early “BROCKHAMPTON” but it still has that twist that Ameer always used in his verses. After the release of the project, Ameer went on Sway in the Morning to discuss many answers about “BROCKHAMPTON” and the journey he is going to continue with music.

  1. Run Home Slow- The Teskey Brothers

The Teskey Brothers album “Run Home Slow” is a blues influenced project that goes over so many subject matters. It talks about relationships and the hardships that come with them. It also talks about the confidence of a man. The group is from Australia and they grew up in a heavily R&B and blues area. Many people started to pay attention to the group when the headman did a cover of their song “Rain” on ‘The Color Show’ on YouTube.

Chassee'Palmer is a Senior Mass Media arts with a concentration in Journalism attending Clark Atlanta University.She was born and raised in Charleston,South Carolina so she has a strong love for seafood and beaches. She loves skin care products and whenever she gets bored she tends to online shop (ALOT). You can follow her on instagram @chas.see to view her various shopping hauls.