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As I have been single for ALL my college career. I can say I’ve been on quite a few dates throughout my collegiate experience. Some were good, some were horrific, but all of them were learning experiences. Whether you’re hinting these dates to your significant other, or just dreaming about your perfect match, this is for you.


1.      Picnics

Spring is known for its beautiful weather and mild temperatures. What better time to go on a picnic? While it sounds very corny, it’s thoughtful and cheap. The way to spice this date up is to make sure you have all of her favorite foods, not traditional picnic foods. For me, my perfect picnic would include some chicken strips and pineapple Fanta. That would be just enough to make me swoon. Food and good weather are always a great match. 


2.      A Paint and Sip

If you and your partner are the artistic types, this could be a hit! Hosting your own paint and sip at the house could be the right amount of intimacy you and your partner need without spending the big bucks on a class. Most of the materials for this activity are found at the dollar store. While the fake bubbly (or real) can cost less than $5 at Walmart or your local grocery store.

3.       A Stroll

Most cities have at least one scenic area that is open to late night strollers. This is the perfect scenario to get to know your S.O. other better before you decide to break the bank on one another. This could also be a hit or miss. While it is completely free (besides transportation), make sure the area isn’t closed or having an event that could deter your evening.


4.      Pick a Netflix Series to Binge Together

Nothing says bonding like watching a series together. Although agreeing on the series to watch might be the hard part, everything else will come easy. This is a way to showcase personality through commenting and facial expressions. Moments like this are where inside jokes and bonding begin!

5.      Stay in and Cook together

Most dorms have a kitchen in the unit or in the common area. Depending on the resources, you and your partner could make a meal together and make some unforgettable memories in the process. Pinterest is a great place to start for recipes and what food goes with what. Whether you guys dare to eat it, or just order a pizza, you still will always have that experience with each other!

These dates are all very cheap, but also thoughtful. Additionally, these are the things your S.O. will remember and cherish most. While some things do require a grander gesture, sometimes your partner just wants to know that you were thinking of them. That’s what makes cheap dates so great because they require to either know your partner already or get to know them in a way you can’t in large settings. Intimacy is key with these dates and successful relationships. Happy Dating!

20 year old sophomore from little rock. mass media arts major, political science minor at clark atlanta university.
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