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Fierce, Fashionable & Unapologetically Black is Almiya White

Alimya White is a strong, fashionista, self-loving Taurus woman that is a junior at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. She is passionate about showcasing the most powerful tool on our bodies, the voice. Growing up in Atlanta, GA, “the black mecca”, sculpted how she saw blackness and the greatness that comes with it. Being surrounded by family and friends that instilled in her the power that the black woman possesses, gave her an advantage on learning how to love not only herself easily, but ones that looked like her. She says, “I was always reminded to fall in love with the frizz of our kinks and the fullness of our lips.” This carried on through her into her writing and the way she brands herself.

White says that she has always wanted to be a journalist. She finds the question funny because her mom said that as a child, she was nosey and talkative. She always spoke on how she realized when she wanted to be a journalist, she says “we have these characteristics that we don’t even notice at the time, that are meant to align with our destiny. I knew I wanted to be a journalist when I realized I find passion in reminding people that our voice is and will always be our most powerful tool.” So, with that when she was 15, she joined Instagram which could be known as her first experience to blogging and it also gave her the name for her actual blog named, The Life of a Black Girl By Ms. White.

The name originally came from her Instagram bio because that was what described her best. The blog launched officially in September of 2019. She talks a lot about fashion and has pictures of trends that she loves on there as well. She gives a shout out to @lifeinbeverlyheels for her fashion inspirations. As her growth and success with the blog thrives, she says that she will be tackling topics such as unapologetic self-love, self-acceptance, and embracing the purpose of being a black woman. You can find these upcoming posts on her blog https://www,thelifeofablackgirl.com.

 White has a love for fashion, and you can see it on her Instagram and on her blog. She showcased her love for the gingham trend but now says that she is excited for the new fall coats, “I am a sucker for a good long detailed coat. We’re going to get into some must-have coats you should have in your closet.” She’s going to be showing how to style and pick out the right winter coat. Not only with having an impeccable style, but she also has an amazing wardrobe. When asked what her most iconic outfit is she’s trying her best to pick the right one out of many that she has worn. She finally settles with the “All White Moment” (no pun intended) that is on her blog. She tells of how she fell in love with a two-piece set on site called “Hanifa”.

Ms. White not only has fun with fashion but also knows how to balance that with other work and the obstacles that come with life. In a society where mental health awareness is becoming a major priority, she takes it very seriously. She takes time to prioritize what is important and with that say says, “a pure soul is what keeps me sane”, so if something feels off or not aligned with her soul, she sits herself down and asks what’s going to be good for her soul. I applaud her because a lot of people have difficulty doing so.

Almiya White is a fierce young journalist on the rise who has the potential to change the journalism world for the young black women like myself and many others following in her path. With that, she leaves us with some advice for young journalism women: “Ask for change even if you don’t know what all will come with it. I say that to say, change is what placed my feet o the right path t becoming a black journalist. I have faith change is what will get any woman seeking a career in journalism not only where she is but where she is needed.”

Chassee'Palmer is a Sophomore Mass Media arts with a concentration in Journalism at Clark Atlanta University. She was born and raised in Charleston,South Carolina so she has a strong love for seafood and beaches. She loves skin care products and whenever she gets bored she tends to online shop (ALOT). You can follow her on instagram @chas.see to view her various shopping hauls.
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