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Fall is Here, So Get Your Closet Ready!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Fall is approaching, and there’s no better way to prepare than to amp up your Fall wardrobe. With just a couple more days until Fall arrives, here are some tips that will guide you in the right direction when shopping and starting to develop that perfect Fall closet!

1) Dark colors. As the color of leaves begin to change and get darker, pieces in your wardrobe should do the same. Dressing in the Fall is all about nuetral colors. Colors like black, brown, gray, white and nude tones are key components and colors to have in your closet. In the Summer, wearing bright colors were important, and everything in your closet seemed bold and bright. Now, pay close attention to colors that are very nuetral and allow you to “be one with nature.”

2) Layers! Walking to class in the morning can often be chilly. The confusing thing about Fall is whether a jacket it necessary or not. Flannels and light jackets are a great way to play it safe. Remember that cute tee you loved in the summertime? You can wear that same tee and pair it with a jean jacket. Now, walks to class won’t be so unbearably cold and windy. Having a cute jacket will not only keep you warm but fashionable as well. As the weather changes, it’s a lot easier to get sick. Be sure to dress warm so you can protect yourself from the Atlanta’s tricky climate changes!

3) Denim. Denim is a staple item for any season, but in the Fall they are a perfect addition to any outfit. Boyfriend jeans, this year, are extremely popular and if you don’t have a pair, they are a must for this season. Denim not only keeps you warm, but they go great with ankle booties and sneakers. Colored jeans are also in this season. Be sure to stock up on tons of denim for the Fall.

4) Be you. This rule is not only important in the Fall but year-round and with everything you choose to do in your life. Wearing what you want to wear is most important. If you have key pieces that you love to wear year round, find cute ways to wear them in the Fall. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and who you are. In order to be you, you must do things to make you happy. Make sure to keep that in mind when shopping for Fall pieces. 

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My name is Brandi Hunter and I am a Sophomore at Clark Atlanta University. I am a Fashion Merchandising Major with aspirations to work for large companies in cities like Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger along with many hobbies that include doing hair and shopping.