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Expressing School Spirit: Come on ya’ll Let’s Hear It!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

Football season has started up, and basketball season is shortly after! With that being said, it is time to amp it up and get into the habit of showing school spirit! Athletes work hard and it is essential that we show them all the support they deserve. Here are some tips to contribute to the amplification of your school spirit!


Represent Your School’s Colors

Wearing bright and fashionable clothes and incorporating your school colors is an amazing way to display school pride. You can find funky clothes at your local thrift shop and try different looks while still keeping it cool for school by fusing your school colors. Be creative with your clothing and never be afraid to try new things. Foam fingers, crazy ties, wacky sunglasses, or suit jackets. Rocking your school colors isn’t limited to game days! When you go out into the town to make sure you are wearing your school’s merch loud and proud at all times. Always be creative and remember when you have on your school colors and merchandise that are a representation of them!


Bring out the Paint!

Paint your faces and bodies to add some fun to game days. You can do designs on your face that corporate the team, or the number of a player, or your school colors! Working as a group could be fun and get the crowd pumped up for the game. Make sure you are being safe and using non-toxic paint that is also washable. You can find paint at your local craft store, grocery store, party city, etc. 


Get Down & Crafty

Engaging in simple crafts with your friends such as making noise-makers, spirit sticks, school pride bracelets also making keychains that are blinged out in your school’s logo and colors. Also making banners and posters before the game to hold up for chants or to just simply cheer on your team. You can also use posters and banners to poke seamless fun at your opponents, or if you have a favorite player you can dedicate your poster to them! Overall crafts are such a good way to express yourself along with your school and they give you the freedom to add your own personal touches!


Let’s Get Chanty Boys & Girls

Noise is essential to a game of any sort whether it is football, basketball, uno, or rock paper scissors, noise plays a big role in competing. It really gets the team pumped up when the crows are chanting signature chants and going crazy in the stands.  It is such a way to interact and push your team towards that win. Never be afraid to come up with new cheers or chants and make all the noise you can because it goes a long way and ultimately just makes games fun! Encouraging you team can get them pumped up and in the right space to win the game. Cheer on!


Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media is constantly on the climb. Let that be your platform to show everyone what YOUR school is truly about! Take pride in posting your events and pep rallies as well as other game-day activities. It is important that you express who you are and what you’re about along with what you contribute to your school! It is hard for a student with school pride to go unnoticed and overall it makes your game days totally worth it so don’t be afraid to show that off. Plus, it makes for good memories to look back on. 


Hopefully, these tools will help you get in the spirit this season! It helps everyone come together and gives you all something to look forward t and get hype about. Socializing and getting involved gives you a large opportunity to meet new people and make new friends! Take advantage of every favorable moment that you have to represent your school and be proud of it!


Greetings, my name is Kayla Martinez. I am a freshman at Clark Atlanta University, and I'm a speech communications major. I moved to Atlanta Georgia after graduating high school in Auburn New York. I am excited for this journey and it is a pleasure to be able to say I'm apart of HerCampus CAU.