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The Evolution of Thigh High Boots

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

One cyclical fashion trend no one can ever get enough of is the thigh high/over the knee boot. These boots in particular embody sensuality and power which makes them an aid to nearly any outfit. Thigh high’s are most commonly worn throughout Fall and Winter for both warmth and fierceness. However when Spring comes around thigh highs are still worn more for fashionable purposes, making them a statement shoe virtually all year round.

Although thigh high boots are mainly worn by women, the trend originated in the 15th century by men. Men wore the boots in war for extra protection. It was not until the 19th century that women began to take hold of the trend themselves. In the 1960’s Yves Saint Laurent debuted “stocking boots” designed by Roger Vivier. The boots were released in various materials but named stocking boots due to the slim fit of the shoe. The modern redesign of the thigh high boot had an endless number of possibilities. For each decade of fashion thigh highs complement the styles of the era while only changing through texture.

Presently, thigh high boots are a fan favorite by both women and men. We see everyone from high-end couture designers to companies like Forever 21 reinventing the thigh boot. The stiletto thigh boot is the most popular for celebrities during performances or those who are going  to more dressed up outings. For everyday wear the best thigh boot to work with are the flat ones for comfort and style. The best part of either style is that the options are endless. You can find both made of leather, latex, suede, rhinestones, velvet and more to suit your own personal taste.

When wearing thigh highs, it is best to keep in mind that they are made to suit tall people. Therefore, if you’re short, work with mid length versions to give yourself the illusion of being taller. These boots are also made to be statement pieces and compliment bold outfits. Styling them can be as simple as wearing them with an oversized sweater and jeans. You can also go to the extreme of wearing them with a mini-skirt and a slim fit top. The possibilities are endless. Honestly, the worst way to wear thigh highs is to wear them with confidence. These boots are for the bold and the brave, like the men who brought them into fashion.


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Miranda is a Junior Mass Media Arts Major Print Journalism Concentration at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Miranda is looking to write for the politically conscious, fashion-forward, and everyone in between. Feel free to connect with her via social media as well as through LinkedIn!