Embrace What Your Ancestors Gave You!

“Hey, you’re pretty for a Black girl.” I’ve heard that comment so many times in my life,  it’s insane. You would think that by me hearing that comment it would break me down and make wonder “are Black girls not considered pretty?” As those thoughts came about, my mother would then remind me how unique my features are and that I should embrace them, not hate them. In reality for this made me stronger as a person, as I later learned that people adore Black girl features, and when they do complement them, they are merely wishing they had said features.

Growing up in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood prevented me from seeing true Black representation. Due to that, I was not sure if I should be proud of my features or hate them. This wasn't until I was 15 when I got my eyebrows done for the first time and girls thought I drew them in. The fact that they were in disbelief that I obtained an aspect of natural beauty is when I began to realize that I have something that other girls want. Another thing I began to appreciate was the versatility of black hair. When I was able to come to school with curly hair one day and a high ponytail the next, I was always questioned on how I was able to manage such a variety of hairstyles. I will never forget when I was made fun of for having thighs and hips until high school started and people started to admire them. Girls would ask "How did you get your thighs to be so thick?"  and my answer would simply be "genetics." Through high school I did appreciate my beauty more, as I observed those outside of my racial/cultural background, in person, and through media go out of their way to obtain aspects of natural black beauty.

I believe that Black girls need to embrace what their ancestors gave them when it comes to our features. Black girl features are most definitely one of a kind. They are so beautiful that some people pay for the features that we were born with. Not only are our features gorgeous but it comes in so many different ways. Like our skin, it does not matter which complexion we are because when your skin is glistening in that sun like it’s beautiful. From the copper in our skin to our natural hair, even down to our hips and full lips for centuries Black girl features have been considered most definitely breathe taking.