Elexus Hunter, The Woman Behind the Magic

She's bright and lives life to the fullest! Her loving spirit with a tough love twist is the very reason we love her as much as you do. We introduce to you * drumroll please.... Ms. Elexus Hunter!!
Her Campus: What is your relationship status?
Elexus Hunter: I am currently in a relationship of 8 months
HC: What are some things that typically turn you on when pursing a guy? What are your turn offs?
EH: What turns me off is someone who constantly has excuses in life and I do not have time for excuses. I'm attracted to men who are goal driven and like to challenge themselves. 
HC: Well we know you are taken, but if you be in a relationship with any celebrity, who would it be?
EH:  Most definitely August Alsina! And of Michael B(ae) Jordan * Laughs....... The list goes on and on!
HC: What is or would be your ideal date?
EH:  For someone to cook for me of course, maybe vist some type of art gallery,even wine tasting, or going out to an evening social.
HC: What are your career plans in the future?
EH: Mmmmm.... I plan on becoming a Brand Manager/ENTREPRENEUR... specifically community based. 
HC: Speaking of brands, can you tell us a little about your scholarship fund, Tragic is Magic?
EH: Yes, of course! I was 9 years old when I decided to start my brand myself. I knew I wanted to be a future leader. I had to start earliest as possible.  Tragic is Magic represents the struggles of one's past, and how many of us who share many different stories don't have to always have to feel as if our past is our future. There are tragic moments but always a magical ending if you want it bad enough.
HC: Now that's just a positive movement and I love it! What are your goals for Tragic is Magic?
EH: Two things as of now. One, is to expand my scholarship fund. Two, is to publish my book entitled, Tragic is Magic.
HC:Where do you expect your brand to be in the next 5 years?
EH: Very good question...... I expect for my brand to speak for itself and not having to go the extra mile because I have work hard for it.
HC: Who inspires you to stay on track and think positively?
EH:My inspiration comes from my God Mom, my mentors and Grandma.  
HC:Now let's be honest, you're pretty popular on campus and everyone knows you! Please tell us where you like to chill, so that we can be just as cool *LOL
EH: Hahaha well my room, sadly to say because it's my comfort zone, but realistically anywhere it requires people and music. 
HC: I would have never thought that you would choose your room. Can you tell us something no one knows about you?
EH: I am an introvert!!! Yes! I like spending time with myself.
HC: WOW! You tend to be very busy, but what do you like to do in your free time?
EH: MEXICAN FOOD!! *Praises Jesus Dance... I love Mexican food, so I cook a lot and I love to dance.
HC: Congrats on being a graduating senior! I can't wait for that feeling and I know you must be happy!!
EH: YES! There's no greater feeling like this... I am just blessed.
HC:If you can think back four years ago... Why did you decide to come to CAU ( Clark Atlanta University)?
EH: Easy,the reason why I decided to attend CAU is because I never really attended a black school nor did I see myself attending until I got to high school. I was interested in the Business program and researched that they were the number one program at CAU which also coincide with my career path. 
Plus, CAU has opened many doors for me such as, bundling relationships and  starting my work experience as a collegiate. Challenging me to take more risks without any second thoughts and knowing how to listen to myself rather than others. I love my HBCU!
HC: Woah! You're heavily invovled on campus. Like... you do so much! What organizations are you involved in?
EH: Well freshman year I was Miss Merner, then I joined the Residential Hall Association and Toastmasters for 3 years.I was a member in the Women's Leadership Council and NAACP for 2 years. And now I serve as a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and the Orientation Guide Corp. 
HC: Before we go, what is one piece of advice you would give?
EH: Never past any opportunities that God has presented in front you. Always set goals and follow through. 
Again, thank you Ms. Hunter for allowing us to interview you. We wish you the best on all your future endavors!