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The Do’s and Don’ts of Sparkhouse Homecoming

Beware o’ weary AUC, cave not beneath the stress.For the time of year is here again that yields much happiness.There’s merriment and laughter, and a football game or two.Tis the season of Sparkhouse Homecoming, here’s what to don’t and what to do. 

1. Class is Still in Session

Go to class, guys. It’s still going on, and despite the mutual feelings of the contrary, you are still a student at an illustrious institution that you pay tuition to attend. Homecoming is an entire week. With that said, would you really benefit from missing a whole week of classes? I didn’t think so. Your education is all important, and after all is it the reason you chose the AUC. Getting lost in the proverbial saucethat is Homecoming is not the best means of remembering that. Ok, yes, you want to turn up. And, yes you’re exhausted from the turn up you’ve already partaken in, but as the functioning, responsible adult you are, you will not let yourself become distracted by the commotion of the festivities that you forget why you’re here in the first place.

DO: Set Your Alarm Beforehand. Remembering your obligations is hard. Being awakened from a grogginess that is the aftermath of some vigorous Homecoming activities harder. Both of these things are made much easier once you have something consistent and loud to help you. An alarm is the perfect something for the job. Setting an alarm to wake you for class, or to remind you of the assignment with the pending due date, is really vital for a successful Homecoming week. Do it the afternoon before, or any down time you have between everything.

DON’T: Bring the Turn Up into the Learn Up. Ignoring the blatant corniness of the subtitle, it is important to list this step. Do not bring your kickback, Netflix and Chill, into the classroom. It is not the environment to pregame, and the two should really just remain completely separate. Coming to class too turnt to function is not only a distraction for you but for the other members of your class as well. Just wait until you’re dismissed, reveling in your “done for the day” freedom to get ya turn up on. Ok? Ok 

2. Eat Something

In the midst of everything, all the concerts and step shows and foolery that accompany Homecoming, there are oftentimes things left forgotten. Your keys, your wallet, even a meal. Don’t allow being caught up in the hoopla of Homecoming to be your excuse to not remember to eat, as is all too common amongst victims of Homecoming in the AUC. With all the drunken glaze that is essentially the language of homecoming, it is important to have something on your stomach—a sandwich, some soup and crackers, a bowl of noodles—to ensure you have a positive and safe homecoming experience.

DO: Eat Before you Leave Home. Remember to grab something to eat or snack on before and during the pregame. Just to ensure that if you do happen to consume any alcohol, you won’t become sick because of not eating.

DON’T: Forget to Eat. Forgetting to eat during Homecoming is worse than forgetting to breathe underwater. Keeping yourself hydrated and full is the easiest way to have the best homecoming experience! 

3. Partake in the Festivities!

Now that Homecomings here, what is there to do? Well fret not o’ troubled reader, for the next most logical step would be to actually participate! You should strive to participate in at least one Homecoming event, be it the concert, the Greek step show, even tailgate! Engaging in one of the official homecoming events is the best way to gain a true homecoming experience.

DO: Participate. If all else fails, tailgate it the way to go. It’s fun, and its free. Need I say more?

DON’T: Stay Cooped up All Week. Homecoming is a time to meet new people and to celebrate in the return of the AUC alumni of times past. 

Braxton Shelton-Epps was born and raised in the land of mumbo sauce and gogo music, Washington, D.C. The eldest of three, Braxton realized at a young age her passion for writing, and decided early on what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She is currently an English major, attending Clark Atlanta University. She plans to graduate in May of 2017.
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