“Dividing” Dvsn’s Songs Into My Top 12

It is officially October and that only means one thing: Cuffing Season is upon us. With Cuffing Season comes the need for good, raw, and honest R&B. If you’re in search of that, I’ve got your answer: dvsn. In this article, I will be ranking my top 12 favorite songs by the duo, and consequently, the tracks I recommend you listen to first. 

Dvsn is a R&B duo out of Canada. The group consists of singer/songwriter, Daniel Daley, and Grammy award winning songwriter and producer Nineteen85. The duo joined forces in 2015 to found dvsn, and signed to Drake’s label OVO shortly after. dvsn released their debut album, titled SEPT 5TH in 2016, and their sophomore album Morning After in 2017, and have been taking the world by storm ever since.


First, I’d like to make it very clear that dvsn does NOT create any misses. All of their songs, including their singles, are bops. Now let’s get into these rankings:

  1. 1. "Too Deep” (SEPT 5TH, 2016)

    Now let me just say that “Too Deep” is my favorite song of all time, and the one I highly recommend everyone listen to first. “Too Deep” starts off with the melodic voices of dvsn’s background singers led by Shantal May, and you’ll soon realize why this is my favorite. This song is reminiscent of 90’s love-making R&B. It’s very sensual and suggestive as Daley sings about being “in too deep” and not wanting to “pull out.” After hearing Daley’s beautiful vocals you’ll definitely add this one to your more “intimate” playlists.

  2. 2. "Hallucinations” (SEPT 5TH, 2016)

    The intro to “Hallucinations” makes you feel like you’re falling off a cliff in your dreams, and right before you come crashing down, suddenly you wake up. This fits perfectly with the song’s meaning because apparently, the reason we wake up before landing is because we don’t know what death is. Unfortunately, Daley will probably never know the love of the person he dedicated this song to again, so his mind just keeps falling through the memories they shared. Daley sings about an ex-lover whom he can’t seem to get off his mind. He’s losing sleep over her, “losing [his] concentration,” and ultimately, hallucinating about her. 

  3. 3. "P.O.V.” (Morning After, 2017)

    “P.O.V.” incorporates a sample of Maxwell’s “Fortunate” which matches perfectly with the passionate lyrics being sung over it. If I had to take a guess, I’d bet this was Nineteen85’s doing. Daley makes it very clear that he does not intend on changing his partner’s mind, but instead her mood, and if that means “turning [her] around,” then he’s completely okay with that. This is another one to add to that close and intimate playlist.

  4. 4. "Body Smile” (Morning After, 2017)

    In this lowkey song, Daley expresses his frustration of his partner not having enough time for him, because Daley does not treat her right. His partner is protecting her peace in sense after countlessly “accepting apologies [she] hasn’t gotten yet.” To make up for all the times he’s messed up, Daley wants to make her whole “body smile.” He begs her to accept his offer, seemingly as a last ditch effort to make things right. 

  5. 5. "The Line” (SEPT 5TH, 2016)

    “The Line” tells the story of two friends crossing the line into a possible relationship. Daley wants reassurance that what he and his “friend” are getting into is real. This song is all about vulnerability and being straight-forward and honest with your feelings. Side note, this is the song Daley waved at me to in concert (I have video proof), and maybe the song I fell in love with him to as well.

  6. 6. "Mood” (Morning After, 2017)

    Daley sings to yet another ex-lover wanting to get back together. However, his partner isn’t so sure. She doesn’t want to give him another chance just so they can fall out all over again. Daley reassures her that now that he isn’t as busy, he’ll “make a point to just focus on [them].” Fun fact: dvsn performed “Mood” at the 2017 Soultrain Awards, their first awards show performance.

  7. 7. Conversations in a Diner” (Morning After, 2017)

    “Conversations in a Diner” is literally about a conversation Daley has with his partner in a diner. Although the couple is discussing their tumultuous relationship, the other patrons don’t seem to notice. Daley expresses to his partner that he’ll “never ever let [her] go,” because he feels as though they can overcome whatever conflict they’re going through. This is definitely one of those “in my feelings” songs, but that’s what makes it so beautiful, it’s relatability.

  8. 8. "With Me” (SEPT 5TH, 2016)

    In this pretty suggestive song, Daley makes it very clear that he only wants the attention of one partner. He uses double entendre to get his point across, likening his lover’s presence to a necessity. “With Me” showcases just how much of a drug love can be, and that’s exactly what drew me in to this song.


  9. 9. "Claim” (Morning After, 2017)

    Daley serenades an old fling who he’s regained interest in. He discusses his shock as to why she’s still “with the same dude” she was last with. Daley also can’t believe that this old fling isn’t married yet, but he’s come to change that. He wants to get back together with her and try their relationship again. This story line is one straight out of a novella.

  10. 10. "In Between” (2019)

    In “In Between” Daley and his partner seem to be in conflict. He apologizes because he wants to make things right in their relationship. Daley wants them to open up to each other, but he has an interesting way of doing so. His suggestion for them to open up is to “take [their] clothes off.” This is yet again another vulnerable song from dvsn, and it rightfully earned its number ten spot.

  11. 11. “Angela” (SEPT 5TH, 2016)

    This beautiful masterpiece samples Elliott Smith’s “Angeles.” In it, Daley discusses his partner, by the name of Angela, and the two different sides she has. He talks about how some days she’s “hotter than the sun,” and others she’s “colder than the moon.” He goes further into how their relationship has its ups and downs and his frustrations with Angela, but he’s willing to make it to the end. Daley’s beautiful falsetto is exceptionally showcased in this song, which makes it all the better.

  12. 12. "Morning After” (Morning After, 2017)

    “Morning After” is the title track of dvsn’s sophomore album. Daley opens up the track asking the girl he’s with to “stay the morning.” However, her attention seems to be elsewhere as she repeatedly receives phone call after phone call. He wants her undivided attention so he can convince his lover to spend more time with him. This seems to be a “no strings attached” relationship that Daley wants to grow into something more. Nineteen85 actually expressed in an interview with Ebro on Beats 1 that he was nervous about this song because it’s a “brighter” more “upbeat” song, which is different from their usual “deep,sultry bedroom tracks.” Stepping out of their comfort zone undoubtedly paid off, because this track is a breath of fresh air.

*Honorable Mentions*

  • “Don’t Choose” (Morning After, 2017)

  • “Nuh Time/Tek Time” (Morning After, 2016)

  • “SEPT 5TH” (SEPT 5TH, 2016)

  • “Try/Effortless” (SEPT 5TH, 2016)

  • “Miss Me?” (2019)