Dissecting the Issues That Matter with Schulyer Nickleberry

A few days ago, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing the multifaceted super woman herself Miss Schuyler Nickleberry. The Texas native currently serves as Clark Atlanta University's Miss Junior 2018-2019. The moment I saw her, I immediately noticed her strong but warm presence and I knew it was going to be a great interview. Sure enough, she didn't disappoint. Together we dissected the importance of girl power, pursuing success, and overcoming adversity. This woman is filled with wisdom that goes far beyond her years!


HC: What inspired you to become Miss Junior?

SN: Honestly, it’s the queens that came before me, when I came in freshman year Alyssia McCloud inspired me. The way she carried herself and interacted with people was just so genuine. Sophomore year, I wanted to run, but I had a lot going on. I am a firm believer that god’s timing is everything so I decided to run for Miss Junior.

HC: What was your platform when you ran?

SN: M.A.G.I.C: Making Adjustments to Grow Individually and Collectively. It came to me just like that over winter break.  I wanted something that captured who I was and the type of leader that I know I am. The junior class has this untapped talent and that’s where the magic comes from. [There are] so many singers, dancers, entrepreneurs that I was just like “wow”. When you better yourself as an individual so does everyone around you.

HC: What makes a multifaceted Superwoman?

SN: We as women wear many hats, we don’t fit in just one category. We always show up and show out. I know I personally dance well, I am creative, and I am a good speaker. You can put me in any situation and I bet I would succeed in it. As black women we take on a lot, we always have just like our ancestors. I wear many hats; I do it all. Superwoman, she’s just that girl, so why not.

HC: How can we as women come together and empower each other?

SN: We can simply acknowledge each other. We can encourage each other’s shine. We can always make it a point to over extend ourselves to each other. Nine times out of ten, we are all feeling the same way; but we don’t know how to approach or uplift another woman because we never had it ourselves.

HC: What is the key to being successful?

SN: The key to being successful is to not be afraid, or to be afraid and do it anyway. If you can’t stop thinking or talking about something, do it. If you fail it’s simply a learning lesson. If you can make something from nothing, you can be successful.

HC: Do you think it’s important to have a mentor when pursuing your goals?

SN: Yes. I do not have one specific mentor because I take from all the women in my life. My grandmother; my nana, is just a wonderful woman. She is very strong, courageous, outspoken, and I look just like her. She is the glue in our family and that is what I am in the royal court.


HC: What would you say to women struggling to find their self-worth?

SN: It took me a long time to get where I am. I lost my father, I don’t have a good relationship with my mother. I’ve been depressed, I’ve had anxiety. So, if you’re struggling with that, get to the root of the problem. Envision yourself as the queen you already are and affirm it daily. What you speak is what you create.


HC: All in all you’ve contributed so much, what legacy do you want to leave for future generations at Clark?

SN: My vision is for us to be self-made. It’s too many of us that live check to check. We need to accumulate generational wealth and pride for ourselves. We need to be confident in our health beauty, everything. We are chosen to be here for a reason. I want to keep finding a way or make one in a world where there is no room for us.