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D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E.: Advice from an Alumnus

Many students at Clark Atlanta University have seen and recognize the “D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E.” brand, but there are many that don’t. While many of those students that do recognize the brand only see the clothes and accessories, there is so much more that the D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E. brand represents. So what is D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E.? D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E. is a simple acronym for a massive message, Do Anything To Say Life Is For Everything.

D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E. was started by alumnus Alvin Codner who is more so known by the nickname “DATS LIFE” on the campus of Clark Atlanta University and throughout the AUC. He started the brand back in his hometown Kissimee, Florida and when he came to college, he brought D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E. with him. To promote his brand, he had the help of his teammates (the CAU football team) to help market the brand. Alvin gave them all t-shirts that had “D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E.” printed on the front and when people asked them what was “D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E.,” he asked them to respond by saying “D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E.” and not saying anything further. It was then that people became more interested in knowing what D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E. was.

Alvin Codner has managed to do so much with his life in so little time. He is the beacon of light and the hope for those out there who don’t believe that they too can make a difference. In addition to being a positive figure in the community, a role model to others, obtaining multiple degrees and running a clothing line, he also managed to write a book. He says he wrote this book in three months, but incorporated writings that he has had for years into this book. He is a jack of all trades and still is striving to do more. Where will Alvin end up next? What will we do? Only time will tell. 

Here are some tips/advice Alvin had for students while in school as well as for seniors who are preparing to graduate:

Tips of Advice While in School:

1.  Network. There could be someone who may be over an organization that you want to join or who can help you once you graduate.

2. Stay Focused. Don’t fall victim to all the parties here in Atlanta. “Have fun, but handled your education first.”

3. Reach out to the Community. and ask for help. Get the community to join/support your cause.

4. Apply for internships/jobs related to your degree.

Tips of Advice for Seniors Preparing to Graduate:

1. Seek jobs/careers within your degree area, even if it’s not a major job. Use it as a stepping stone that you can put on your resume for a bigger opportunity.

2. Stay focused on your grades and your GPA.

3. Save as much money as you can to help pay back on your student loans.

4. If you are planning to attend graduate school, go right away. Do not sit around and wait a year because you will lose the lack of information you just gained within your senior year and the lack of your attention span of wanting to be in school.

Fun Facts about Alvin “D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E.” Codner

1. Graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 2013 with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.

2. Received his first Masters Degree in Positive Psychology.

3. Was the first to graduate with a Masters Degree in his program from Life University. (Masters Program was new at his school at the time).

4. Working on his second Masters Degree in Non-Profit Managing.

5. Wants to start a entrepreneurship program at different HBCU’s where mock businesses are set up to help the student practice what it will be like to work for themselves in the real world.

If you want to stay up to date with what Alvin is doing, you can follow him on social media.

Instagram: @datslifeinc, @mrdatslife, @datslifenation.

Twitter: @mrdatslife

To order a copy of the book he has written, visit www.datslifethebook.com.

To order any D.A.T.S.L.I.F.E. merchandise visit www.datslifecustom.com

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