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College Reality Check

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

“College is hard” said by every student during their matriculation. The transition from high school to college is very stressful as most students do not realize how mentally prepared they must be in order to fully gain the control they need to stay sane. As the freedom of not being around your parents and the ability to make your own decisions are at hand, many students tend to forget their reason for being in college. While students are wilding out, the world as they know it turns to turmoil and that is where the phrase “college is hard” starts to be said. College students forget their purpose throughout their freshman year because it is so much happening around them, however once they reach their sophomore year after splitting the Red Sea in order to keep their GPA up their freshman year, a reality check is in need!

Most students realize that a reality check is necessary when their purpose for being in college becomes cloudy and their interests change. As most students in high school are heavily involved, when coming to college the same clubs that seemed so “dope” are lacking. People change as we grow and the things we used to like now become are dislikes. A reality check is more than just fixing your GPA, but realizing your purpose of who you are and what you like to do! The phrase of “you learn about yourself in college” is seriously the purpose of a reality check as college is a reality check within itself! This matriculation allows for students to become one within themselves and to realize their potential of what they are capable of doing.

Being without the comfort of knowing which organization to be involved in can be very stressful as we used it as our backbone in high school to keep us sane and something to fall back on. However, as finding which organization is right for you in college will not happen until you are able to find yourself! Which brings along a feeling of being without and lost, as most students are lost their first year and a half, it takes a reality check in order to fully begin to learn where you must start on your path of success.

Without the break down the first semester of sophomore year, we are unable to view our growth from freshman year to just the second semester of our sophomore year. The reality check of our lives hits when our GPA falls from a 3.0 to a 2.5 and we are unable to apply for an E-board position, but as the phrase goes everything happens for a reason, it is okay! The reality check is set in order for people to view their mistakes and rethink all decisions to insure that the path in which you are setting yourself to be on is really where you want to be. As Jessie J said “it is okay, not to be okay” meaning if you feel as if you are going through a depression where your happiness is lacking and your excitement for school is no longer occurring, that is normal! You are not alone;  your reality check is going to be a minor setback for a major comeback.