Celebrating Birthdays in College: Last Minute Ideas for the Big Day

A birthday is a beautiful holiday that is celebrated once a year. It could be months before the BIG DAY and we’ve already got everything planned. We have the outfit, the location, and set of friends already listed for the celebration. As the day gets closer, plans have changed at least five times and your 20 friends list has trickled down to 7 friends. Let’s not forget that nice grown and sexy dress that you ordered weeks ago, that will now be delivered a week after your birthday. Mishaps happen when planning early, but listed below are a few last minute ideas to celebrate your special day.

Take a Dance Class. There’s nothing more exciting and fun than dancing! Get your sexy on with your friends and take a class if you’re wanting a bonding experience for your birthday. This inexpensive activity can be one to remember for those of us with no rhythm, two left feet, or letting loose for the first time! Utilize your new hot moves for the next party and you’ll be sure to feel like Beyoncé.

Go out to Dinner. Yes, the most requested outing for a birthday can also be the best last minute plan! However, this plan is not the usual 5 star restaurant with 7-10 people. Try going out to eat at an entertainment shows within the city. Enjoy a night of comedy or music at an open mic show. Some of these shows are inexpensive and do not require you to RSVP weeks in advanced. Change it up from the usual Maggiano’s and Cheesecake Factory and go for a night out in the city!

Women’s’ Night In. We’re grown now ladies! It’s time to kick it up a notch from the usual sleepovers. Get together with your closest friends and have a movie night with popcorn and wine (haha 21+ only). Let the night consist of games and good music all in comfort of your home. Its fine to keep it traditional with sharing stories and talking about men, but don’t forget manicures. If you’re looking for a low-key styled birthday, this plan is just for you!

A Good Ole’ Fashion House Party. Our favorite last minute plan! This event only consist of good music, good friends, drinks, and more! The ideas are limitless and you can definitely invite as many people as you want. Make this a celebration worth remembering for you and your guest!