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BROCKHAMPTON: The Newest Boys On the Block

BROCKHAMPTON is a group of limitless definition. Rather than a rap collective, BROCKHAMPTON identifies as a boy band. Typically while listening to their music you would believe they are commensurate to groups like Odd Future and A$AP Mob. When hearing them refer to themselves as a boyband, listeners tend to get thrown off considering they aren’t your typical One Direction or NSYNC. Why do they identify as such might you ask? Labeling themselves as a boy band allows the group to defy societal normalities regarding genres. They do not want to box themselves into such a narrow category. You can only get so far as a rap collective. Just by identifying as such you have set a limit on your craft. When being recognized as a boyband they are able to produce a multitude of versatile records rather than one kind of sound.



The band consists of 15 members, all of which contribute to the groups sound. Everyone is always given credit when it is due whether they are a rapper, producer, photographer, web developer, or manager they are always included. Brockhampton is known for discussing issues that are very prevalent in society today. They are invariably challenging societal norms and encouraging young adults to stand up for what they believe in. They are a constant reminder that being yourself always gets you further in the long run. The past two years have been nothing but hard work for these boys day in and day out. Their DIY hip hop in the suburbs of Texas turned their faces into the most valiant and dynamic the genre has seen thus far. Summer was that of a vociferous one. After their successful Saturation Trilogy, a critical dilemma crossed their path. Ameer Vanns alleged sexual abuse allegations took the world by storm. It almost brought BROCKHAMPTON ’s ascending mainstream fame to a halt indefinitely. This resulted in Ameer’s termination from BROCKHAMPTON. Although the occurrence was deplorable they made sure that every sensation, every perception, and every feeling they had during this time was depicted in the lyrics of their latest album.



Their 5th studio album, and most recent,  is titled Iridescence. Iridescence is defined as a rainbow effect of luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles. The title is similar to their music in a sense that there are several members and their music is constantly changing regarding topics, beats, lyrics, and production style. HIGHSNOBIETY describes this album as a boundary-breaking triumph. The content they put out is to be received in a way that is most relatable to their audience. People vibe to their sounds differently. Some songs speak to people more than others, but there is always a message to be heard.



The latest album is produced by members Romil Hemnani, Joba, Jabari Manwa, and Kiko Merley and features vocals from Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Dom McLennon, Joba, and Merlyn. Generally, listeners were expecting the same sounds that the Saturation Trilogies possessed, but we were mistaken. When listening to the first track, ‘NEW ORLEANS’, your predispositions are immediately altered. With lyrics such as, “Impending death is the only sign of life, I’m throwing Hail Marys ’til I die”, Joba (rapper) and other artists featured never lack genuine expression. Each word is a representation of raw emotion. Their lyrics unlock the door to their mental state, and this is how they touch so many individuals who encompass the same feelings.


The orchestral string transition to vintage bass drums in ‘WEIGHT’ is exquisite. The cadence that is kept while keeping an array of various melodies is just a sample of the raw talent these boys have to offer. Kevin touches base on heteronormativity, and the hasty upshot into mainstream exposure prior to Ameer’s misconducts. Musical selections such as ‘SAN MARCOS’ reflect back on the days they spent in Texas City. Familiar times have been altered, but the song retains a curious yet melancholy vitality. This places a yearning of nostalgia and desire for past pursuits,  and acceptance of future blessings hand and hand.



All of the members of BROCKHAMPTON are eager for an outlet. They have all been extremely vocal about trials and tribulations they have encountered in the past both in their music and general commentary. The bountiful variety of freedom this group has provides a steady platform for Joba, Matt Champion, Kevin Abstract, Dom, and Merlyn Wood to relinquish their conventional robust brilliance. Now, with a fanbase of millions, support from a label, and the lurking eyes of the music industry closely examining their every move, BROCKHAMPTON is free to embrace their undeniable oddities. “America’s greatest boy band” can now relinquish the eccentricity that they harbor. The album concedes the good and bad influences of fame and the demands of constant expectations. Iridescence circumvents the favorable circumstances regarding selling out. It is breaking barriers while maintaining its authenticity, and its profound lyrics touch the fervent souls of fans all around the world. BROCKHAMPTON will continue to be true to themselves, and help people globally who are just like them. They are a reminder that you are not alone, and they are an example to those who hope to follow in their footsteps.


Greetings, my name is Kayla Martinez. I am a freshman at Clark Atlanta University, and I'm a speech communications major. I moved to Atlanta Georgia after graduating high school in Auburn New York. I am excited for this journey and it is a pleasure to be able to say I'm apart of HerCampus CAU.
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