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“I am the stone that the builder refused, I am the visual, the inspiration. That made Lady sing the blues.” The Boondocks is an American adult animated sitcom on Cartoon Network’s late-night programming, Adult Swim. Made by Aaron McGruder the arrangement debuted on November 6, 2005. The show starts with a Black family, the Freemans, sinking into the anecdotal, well disposed of, and in general white suburb of Woodcrest. The point of view offered by the; blend of societies, ways of life, social classes, generalizations, perspectives, and radicalized personalities accommodates a significant part of the arrangement. It serves as a parody, comic drama, and conflict. Irritable Robert “Granddad” Freeman is the legal guardian of his grandsons, 10-year-old progressive Huey and 8-year-old Riley, a result of contemporary rap culture. Subsequent to moving the family from Chicago’s South Side to the wellbeing of rural Woodcrest – otherwise known as the Boondocks – Granddad would like to overlook the grandchildren and make the most of his brilliant years in peace. In any case, the children have diverse plans, tormenting one another and inciting others in the area. Regardless of how wild they get, Huey and Riley are no counterpart for the offbeat elderly man.

The Boondocks series ended in 2014, disappointing many fans but also relieving others. The Boondocks is known for having offensive content that is not made for all viewers. People believe that The Boondocks couldn’t be on television in the year 2018 because the world has become “sensitive” to such content. Here are two examples of the Boondocks being “too explicit”.

The Infamous Riley. Between Huey and Riley, Riley’s mouth is the foulest. Riley is the youngest brother of the two and is known as a “Gangsta”. He does not care what people think about him and doesn’t’ think twice before he says a comment. In Season 4 Episode 10 Riley becomes the maligned target of gay rights groups after he calls his classmate “gay.” In these sensitive times when everyone tends to be offended by everything, Riley really has to watch what he says, even when his apology may upset people.

When Riley refused to apologize to the City of Woodcrest about his comment to a classmate, Granddad declared Riley is Mentally challenged. In today’s society, sexuality and disability are pretty touchy topics in which people could have different points of views on. Although Boondocks was agreeing that what Riley did say and do are completely wrong, the show airing now could create a much larger societal reaction. 

In other episodes, Uncle Ruckus is repellent in appearance, conduct, and state of mind. He has an extraordinary disdain for anything relating to African Americans and makes a special effort to separate himself from blacks. Uncle Ruckus claims God says the way to absolution for being dark is to reproach your own race. He has a glass eye from the beatings he got from his dad, however, his eyes are depicted as continually having been befuddled.

Throughout the four seasons of Boondocks, Uncle Ruckus expresses his hate for Black people and his love for White people. Season 4 Episode 7 The Freemans find that Eddie Wuncler’s new slavery theme park “Freedomland” may be a bit too authentic when they are trapped there and forced to be slaves. Huey must find a way to uproot them from this situation. In this episode, Uncle Ruckus was the slave masters helper and enjoyed tormenting the Freeamans. Eventually, at the end of the episode, the Freemans escape but Uncle Ruckus had wished that the Theme Park was real. This aspect of the show revealed another sensitive topic of slavery that the Boondocks creators mention numerous times in the series. 

The Boondocks is available on Hulu and rarely comes on television because of the explicit content. The Boondocks is a hilarious show, but the world has become too sensitive about specific topics that a controversy would happen if the show was to re-air again.   






















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