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Over the years, youtube has changed in so many ways. From youtube tutorials, music reviews, to lifestyle Youtube has a multitude of content for everyone. Black women on youtube contribute to all content areas and have plenty of meaningful things to say. This list of women offers a wide array of content whether you’re in the mood to shop, think, or simply relax after a long day. These women are shaking up the Youtube game and inspiring women on a daily.

Kirah Ominique is a YouTuber who takes luxury trips, reviews luxury bags products and lives by self-care. Her page features Luxury Hauls, girls’ trips and gives the Gworls lifestyle tips. Her channel is a breath of fresh air that entertains her viewers and keeps it real. If you’re ever in need of an outfit idea, stylist, accessory or piece of advice then her channel is for you!

Kirah Ominique videos

Liyah Li is an eighteen-year-old Kansas Native that lives life in her time. Her channel is full of car rides, girl chats trips personal content. She really lets her true self shine through, and shows how cool young people can truly be. Something about her channel is edgy yet sweet and really invites viewers in. Her spontaneity keeps viewers on her toes and her great advice keeps viewers grounded. No matter what vibe you’re feeling during the day, Liyah’s got you covered.

Liyah Li Videos

Fab Socialism, led by Teanna is a channel that speaks about a wide array of topics that relate to pop culture, the black community, capitalism, mental health, and more. Her channel oftentimes speaks about capitalism and its role in many aspects of everyday life and culture. Her videos offer in-depth insight into the world around us, and she keeps it real. Whether she’s calling out celebrities and their capitalistic ways or breaking down cursive singers, her content is blunt. Teanna’s channel is a great way to get a deeper understanding of the times that we are living in and gives a fresh take on issues that are often overlooked. Her videos are set up like well-written essays but still offer humor and fun. This channel is a very interesting one, and you should definitely give it a try.

Fab Socialism Videos

Miss Darcei is a beauty channel that is different than most. She’s a K-Pop fangirl and is willing to try almost any transformation and makeup trend. She’s our favorite “Bald Headed Bish” as she likes to call it, and she’s just an entertaining person to see. Her videos are hilarious and informative all at the same time. The most admirable part of her channel is her ability to embrace her blackness but still explore and respect other cultures. Darcei offers variation to the youtube scene and is a unicorn on the Youtube platform.

Darcei Videos

Natalia J is the last but certainly not least channel on the list. She is a Clark Atlanta Chemistry major, influencer, makeup artist, and successful YouTuber at the same time. Natalia J keeps it real with her viewers and shows that women can do it all if they put their mind to it. She does HBCU vlogs, hair videos, chemistry major vlogs, hauls, and more. Her channel is a great example of hard work and it shows how multidimensional women are. Her channel showcases beauty, brains, versatility, and youthfulness. Her ability to multitask and still remain grounded is humbling and allows her channel to stand out. Natalia J is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Natalia J videos

These women are shaking up the YouTube scene and are really showing viewers how multifaceted Black women can be. No matter the content, these channels offer a wide variety of videos for everyone to see. Outside of this list are so many other Black women who are changing the scope of YouTube with each video, and that is something to celebrate. Black women on YouTube are here to stay.

India Rice, 19, is a Mass Media major at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University.
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