BEYCHELLA: A Rundown of Beyoncé's Best Performance Ever


This post will be very quick and to the point, because truly, I am still in awe. If you know me in person, you’d know I am a huge Beyoncé fan. Her work ethic is inspirational, she’s beautiful and causes a positive impact on those who listen to her music. Yes, this is an opinion. However it is correct. I first experienced Beyoncé live in the On the Run tour.

[Picture from the first OTR tour in 2014]

She sang my favorite song by her "Resentment " and it’s still a performance and song that impacts me to this day. I also didn’t think I’d ever witness Bey TOP her prime. Which in my opinion was around her "Cater 2 U" performance…Which was probably the most iconic performance…Until now. 

Let’s get into it.

Beyoncé was the headliner for Coachella, one of the largest music festivals in the world that always includes many popular current artists as well as indie artists and older artists.

In a quick rundown:

1)    Beyoncè was supposed to headline Coachella last year but instead blessed the world with two more beautiful Carter kids…So we forgave her of course.

2)    Beyoncé blackified the HELL out of this performance, as an HBCU student I’m about to deeply elaborate. 

As she walked out she simply asked the crowd “Y’all ready Coachella?” Oh, we were not. As Beyoncé mentioned she was thankful to be the first Black woman to ever headline Coachella. She gave this majority Caucasian audience a run for their money.

Outfit review:

She began the performance with an Egyptian Cleopatra inspired outfit. She then changed into a yellow outfit with [Beyoncé, Delta, Kappa] greek letters inspired by the Divine Nine. This was followed by a change into an all black leather outfit inspired by strong lyrics and the Black Panther Party. Lastly, she changed into a gorgeous black and gold sparkly camouflage outfit for her Destiny's Child reunion (which we’re about to digest).

While the majority of the performance was inspired by Historically Black Colleges and Universities, our good sis truly pulled out all the stops.

Historical Black Colleges and Universities influence:

Many aspects of HBCU culture were represented such as

  • An HBCU band style providing the background music.
  • Throwing HBCU dancer stands.
  • A probate of BeyoncéDeltaKappa men.
  • A reinvented version of the swag surf.
  • A Black homecoming styled performance.
  • Singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing" – The black national anthem.
  • Maya Angelou poems and more.  

[click above picture for video of Beyoncé's 'Swag Surf']

While Beyoncé warned the crowd that she had been dreaming up this performance whilst her pregnancy took place, we were simply not prepared. Along with the phenomenally planned theme behind her Coachella performance, she also brought out a lot of familiar faces to excite the crowd.

Featured performers:

The Les TwinsSolange for a “Get Me Bodied” duet, Jay Z – To give us some upcoming OTR2 Tour vibes, Destiny’s Child – Giving us back-to-back harmonies with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

The two hour long streamed Coachella show began streaming around 2AM Eastern Standard Time and completed around 4AM, leaving all the watchers to hit social media with awe and excitement.  Before you ask and just in case you missed it...


  • Family Feud
  • Crazy in Love
  •  Freedom
  • Formation
  • Sorry
  • Kitty Kat
  • Bow Down
  • Drunk in Love
  • Diva
  • Flawless
  • Top Off
  • 7/11
  •  Don’t Hurt Yourself
  • I Care
  • Partition
  • Yonce
  • Mi Gente
  •  Baby Boy
  •  Hold Up
  • Countdown,
  • Check On It
  • Déjà vu
  • Run the World
  • Lose My Breath
  • Say My Name
  • Soldier
  • Get Me Bodied
  • Single Ladies
  • Love on Top
  • Shining as well as included elements of songs such as; Ego, Girl, Blow, Feeling Myself and more.

Well, that concludes our recap of BEYCHELLA. She has truly outdone herself and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for OTR2.