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I hope everyone who started last week had a good week back, although we have a three-day break. Thanks to our brother Dr. King, we don’t have class on Monday. 


Last week I did Vampire movies, so this week I decided to do Werevolve movies. There aren’t many but just know the ones I pick are most definitely worth the watch. The three I’ll be talking about are The Howling (1981), Teen Wolf (1985) and The Wolfman (2010).


The Howling (1981) 


The Howling is a 1981 American horror film directed by Joe Dante and starring Dee Wallace, Patrick Macnee, Dennis Dugan, and Robert Picardo. Based on the novel of the same name by Gary Brandner, the film follows a television newswoman sent to a remote mountain resort after a near-fatal incident with a serial killer, unaware that the residents are werewolves. In Los Angeles, TV columnist Karen White (Dee Wallace) is damaged over the span of supporting the police in their capture of a sequential killer. Her primary care physician suggests that she go to a segregated mental retreat drove by Dr. George Waggner (Patrick Macnee). Be that as it may, while Karen is experiencing treatment, her associate Chris (Dennis Dugan), examines the odd conditions encompassing her stun. At the point when his work drives him to presume the powerful, he starts to fear for Karen’s life.


I only know this movie because of my father, this was included in one of his stashes of many movies he had. 


Here’s the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZARVBpjC1I

Teen Wolf (1985)


Teen Wolf is a 1985 American coming-of-age romantic fantasy comedy film directed by Rod Daniel, produced by George W. Perkins and written by Jeph Loeb. The film follows Scott Howard, a 17-year-old high school student who is sick of being average until he reveals that his family has an unusual pedigree when he finds himself transforming into a werewolf. Michael J. Fox stars as the main role, alongside James Hampton, Scott Paulin, Susan Ursitti, Jerry Levine and Jay Tarses. At the point when high school geek, Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox), gains from his dad, Harold (James Hampton), that being a werewolf runs in the family, he chooses to exploit his stunning quality. With his newly discovered quality and dexterity, Scott rapidly turns into the saint of his school’s basketball team while prevailing upon long-term pulverize Pamela Wells (Lorie Griffin). As he develops increasingly mainstream, Scott stresses he is being praised as an oddity instead of for what his identity is.


Just like all these movies, I know this one because of my father too. This was also turned into a television show that I did watch and it wasn’t that bad. I’d recommend it as well!


Heres the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6htehZchW0

The Wolfman (2010) 


The Wolfman is a 2010 American horror film directed by Joe Johnston and written by Andrew Kevin Walker and David Self. It is a remake of the 1941 film of the same name. Starring Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and Hugo Weaving, the plot follows an American man who is bitten and cursed by a werewolf after returning to his ancestral homeland. Despite the fact that missing from his genealogical home of Blackmoor for a long time, blue-blood Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) comes back to locate his missing sibling in line with the last’s fiancee, Gwen (Emily Blunt). He discovers that an animal has connections to an antiquated revile transforming individuals into werewolves when the moon is full. To spare the town and secure Gwen, he should kill the murderous mammoth, yet he fights with an appalling family inheritance.


I was introduced to this movie by a scene my father showed me that made me want to watch it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XGybmm514w


Just by watching that scene I think it will make you want to watch the movie. It’s fairly new compared to the other werewolf movies that I know and is considered good. 


This list only includes the top 3, I still have Stephen King’s great Silver Bullet (1985)  and Wolf (1994). These movies are a great watch if you want to watch classics. You have to bare with the quality but it’s worth the watch!


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