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Balance: The Thin Line Between Succeeding and Failing in College

Party over here, party over there, social mixer in this building, important seminar in the next, and a paper that’s worth 30% of your final grade due the following morning. How can one possibly try to catch sleep and maintain sanity?  College is portrayed to be a social life abundance just like it is in movies like American Pie or Pitch Perfect, where the main character always comes out as an “A” student, but no one ever tells of how to literally keep calm and be a successful student.

A student is not just one who excels in their study skills, but a successful student is one who is able to balance their activities on and off campus. As many students are heavily involved on their college campus, everyone sometimes forgets how to breathe and remember that they are only human. It is okay to be involved but you must remember that as long as you are trying your best, you are already being the best.

On a college campus of course a social life is imperative as who you know is the new way in gaining pull to have a career. However, as academics are the determining factor to if you’ll even get a career; you must remember that you are always a student before anything else! Throughout your college matriculation, events will occur on and off campus, and of course you will be in attendance. As there is nothing wrong with letting off a little stress and getting your groove on, you have to remember to get work done beforehand! Being a successful student is about learning time management.

Time management is the ultimate KEY for all college students to learn and it can be quickly gained if one is determined to succeed. Some may ask “How Sway” and In the words of Future “I got the keys”, you too can gain access to the keys of success!

The process of time management starts off with an agenda and acknowledgement of what needs to be done. It is quite simple really, write everything out and put time slots for it to be accomplished, sounds easier said than done, right? However, just as easy as it was to read, it is to be done!

As college is the deal breaker for most on if they will make it or not in their adult life, time management is one of the many steps in which most fail to grasp the concept of in which they lose themselves. As easy as it is to learn the steps of time management, it is to completely not understand.

No one is perfect or else there would not be step by step processes on how to better your life or reminders on how to step back and breathe. Time management is just another life lesson that all must gain and it is okay if you are a late bloomer and just learning how to balance your life. College is the transition between being a teenager and an adult in which time management is the first life lesson taught.

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else” – Peter F. Drucker

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