The Awkward Age of 20

Life is not easy at any age, but it's definitely awkward at 20 years old.  You're finally out of the teenage stage,YES!! No one can really call you a child anymore YES!!! Life is changing for the better and you're high on hormones.Ummmm, YES!! However, you're still too young for a club, can't book a hotel, can still make mistakes,  and you're  really "not grown."  Listed below are a few stages you might find yourself fitting into at the awkward age of 20.


The Childish Adult

You want be grown, but still enjoy the little easy things of life. Like not paying for bills or worrying about what your next meal will be for the night. You still contact your parents when you're in a crisis way beyond your head. The most awkward things about being a childish adult is balancing the festivities of college and building a professional profile

.It's easy to be caught up on wanting to be "grown" and forget you're still young. Hang in there my friend, you got this!


Ballin' on a Budget Adult

You're the type that knows how to have fun!! Responsible yet, a future millionaire in the making. You're the only 20 -year -old that's building your credit for the future. You've accepted the fact that all your money problems will soon come to an end. There's no one like you who can make a $20 dollars stretch for a week. 


The Cost of Love and Friends

Awww yes love is in the air.  People from high school are still in relationships, some are getting married, and a few of them are starting families ( yes it's 2016). But, not you my single friend.

What is a relationship? * A moment of silence* A question many 20 year olds ask themselves. You've entered the awkward stage of casually hooking up and exclusively dating. Because of your independence, you can't find anyone compatible. You may also experience love and heartache.   It's okay my 20 year old friend. Learn from this stage of life and be free!!

Let's not forget that you may be able to count all your friends on one hand.  Relationships come and go, but don't lose touch with the friends that uplift you.


Confused about the Future

So, you didn't get the fairy tale ending that you dreamed of as a child. You realize the brutal truth about life. 

At this point, you have no idea what the future holds and you see everyone else finding their purpose in life. It's okay, we all find our way at different stages and one day you will find your purpose. Stop worrying about the failures and continue to learn from them. Yes, some of your peers may have bomb a$% internships and you're struggling to get one (we've all been there). Explore your the activities you have an interest in and perfect those crafts. 

Have faith that everything will workout in the end. In the words of our generation, "Just do YOU boo."

       PART B:  Most likely, the job you have now to pay- off college is a pain in your butt. The customers are rude, your manager does not respect your time , and well your co-workers.... are everything they say about co-workers. Push through my friend and keep in mind that this "job" is not forever. However, you can many things such as, social skills and teamwork which will later help you with your career in the future.


The Truth about Body Weight

Congratulations! You are now entering the first stages of the "Glo' Up" period. That freshman 15 weight (we really believe its 20lbs - 30lbs)  is slowing shedding off, but our bodies are not same as they were in high school. Yes, our metabolism was at its best 3-5 years ago, but now ladies, you must accept your curves and love your body. 

Forget what the magazines say about what the "perfect body" is suppose to be. The perfect body is a healthy body in our book!

Eat cookies! When you have those lonesomenights, indulge in some ice- cream or choclate covered strawberries! As long as you excercise daily and develop a healthy lifestyle the sky is the limit.


For those if you who are currently 20, just hang in there lol...One more year to go!! For those who are turning 20, please know that this is a beautiful transition into adulthood and you will learn along the way. If you have any advice for our 20 -year-old friends, please leave it in the comment section below!