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AsiaNae: Atlanta’s Uprising Break’em Off Records Star.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

“I am AsiaNae, the leader of the ‘Mermaid Gang’ I’m from the Southside, I’m Fun, I’m full of life, and I like to turn up, ” said Break’Em Off Records newly signed 20-year old rapper, AsiaNae.


Speaking with the rapper was such a fun experience, she is such a realist and really lives life to the fullest. I really got to get to know all that she stood for, and how she got to be the lively person she is. Asia Renee (AsiaNae’s real name) is a chick from Riverdale, Georgia. She says, “growing up on the southside really shaped everything that I went through to be able to create music, it made me who I am…Fasho,” she said. She is definitely a product of the south and is taking it by storm. With over 110k followers on Instagram, AsiaNae is showing the world what she is really about and making her mark as an upcoming artist.


The deal with Break’Em Off began with a night at the club, when the DJ played AsiaNae’s song “Me at You.” After hearing her music, the label asked her to play her music at their studio, and the rest is history. She was officially this year, celebrating with a mansion party in June.


AsiaNae’s music embodies female empowerment and living freely. “I’m happy that women are dominating the industry Right now because it was a time where female rap wasn’t really accepted,” said the rapper. “We [female rappers] come in dominant and leading as well, but in a feminine way…I can express myself rather than a man expressing himself for me.” She’s very outspoken about femininity and sexuality in hip hop, and quite honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Influenced by 90s R&B and 2000s Atlanta Hip Hop, AsiaNae loves music expressing love and sexual things.


Tapping into her sexier side, she spoke on her song “Crab Legs and Head (CLAH)” which is exactly what the title says. “‘Crab Legs and Head’ really stemmed from my love for seafood and my love for head,” AsiaNae explained.


She also discussed her single “Dumb” by saying its intent was to let women know “to not be dumb over no dude, stay in yo’ bag, get money, and just be yourself. Don’t just look at a man and see what he got, and think is yours.” The song serves as a lesson to women to be their own boss and have their own bag first.  


AsiaNae is a huge advocate for self-expression and being authentic. She quoted, “be who you wanna be, and don’t let nobody set no boundaries on you, that’s my biggest message.” She also expresses her “Mermaid Gang” is just “People that like to turn up, people that live freely through life, without boundaries that set for them, and people that like to dress nice,” said she said. Mermaid Gang is not just a group of supporters, but a way of life.


She also had a message for young people and others coming up with the game to “just be confident in what you’re doing, stay consistent, be humble, and don’t let nobody tell you what you can and can’t do. Do whateva.”  


She explained, “I just want my message to come across, to be yo’self, to do whatever you feel you’re created to do, and don’t hold back. That’s my biggest thing, letting my voice being a message to the world, to women and to men too.”

AsiaNae is such an outspoken person. The interview really brought insight into who she is, and all that she stands for. AsiaNae is a force to be reckoned with, and soon the world will see.


India Rice, 19, is a Mass Media major at the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University.