7 Tips On How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy and Functional in College


As cuffing season has begun and we are in the final stretch of securing the bag along with the man/woman of your dreams, here are some ways you can keep a relationship healthy and exciting while being a college student.
  1. Communicating with your partner. This is a crucial tip for any healthy relationship. The best way to make a relationship work in college is to base the relationship on honesty and trust for your significant other. Communication deals with literally everything: communicating what you do/don’t tolerate, communicating date plans/ideas, but most importantly just commit to communicating anything and everything.
  2. Date nights. While you shouldn’t be in a relationship just for this perk, it is an added bonus when you and your significant other can get out and do something fun together. A lot of people consider this the puppy dog stage, yet having a good time together can never hurt a relationship. Date nights can always range from eating out to going to a concert. It never has to be the most expensive date in the world, it just needs to involve spending quality time with your partner.
  3. Brainstorm life goals together. This is for the couples that are going to expand their relationships to the long haul.  Although you may have already shared what your goals for the future are with the person, many times we can lose sight of that. It’s always good to have fresh reminders of what you want in years to come, and continuing supporting your partner throughout those goals.
  4. Little reminders. After being in a relationship for a certain amount of time, most people have learned quite a lot about the person they are with, it’s cute to remind them that you care about those things still. Whether you’d rather send your girlfriend a cute good morning text, buying their favorite flower, planning a cute walk around the city, it’s always the little things that go the farthest. It’s not only a physical reminder but also a mental reminder that the person you love pays attention.
  5. Have fun. This may sound simple correct? But it’s often a forgotten component to a college relationship. If you’re a couple, you need to have all the fun in the world; college is already incredibly stressful as it is.  “Be her peace” “Be his peace”, is a real thing y’all.
  6. Love yourself first. This tip means acknowledging the fact of having a good relationship with someone else means you need to have a good relationship with yourself first.
  7. Avoid assumptions. This final tip goes hand-in-hand with tip number one. In a college relationship, you’re bound to eventually have some issue when it comes to something in your partner. Always communicate whatever is causing the assumption. It’s true, that many of us are prone to jumping to conclusions without logically trying to discuss them first.  That is one of the biggest issues. If you jump to a conclusion, you’ll cause an issue between you and your partner, just communicate and keep it honest, always.