The 7 Her Campus CAU members you NEED to know!

“I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy isn’t a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind leading” - Amy Poehler

Ambition naturally resides in women. We set our intention and usually, we stop at nothing until we reach our goals. I admire that about us. I admire the women that are working for themselves, their families, that work a 9-5, have a blog, have a business, etc. Most of all, I admire the young women that surround me. The Her Campus CAU chapter members are some of the most ambitious, driven, creatively beautiful women that exist. I wanted to show some love to 7 of our members that have platforms that are nothing short of quality and the future history of the media industry. Here are the 7 top tier, trendsetting, barrier-breaking women from the Her Campus CAU chapter: 


  1. 1. MIRANDA — Chapter President

    Ms. Miranda Perez is our very own chapter president! With a super stylish and dreamy approach to life, it seems as if she does it all so effortlessly. Miranda is a Junior at CAU and is one of the most “down to earth," people that I’ve met during my freshman year. She’s a blogger, you-tuber, and journalist whose writing is not only entertaining but informative on so many levels. Fashion along with politics and general news are some of the things that you can expect to read about on her blog, The Gee Code. If you prefer to watch, her YouTube channel serves you a number of gems, just search Miranda Perez on Youtube. She has also recently published a piece in the Nation Magazine, about the Reproductive Justice Gap at HBCUs. Although I’ve only known Miranda for a few months, I can tell that she’s well on her way to achieving her dreams. She has been so authentic and true to who she is and I am proud to say that she’s my chapter president! 

  2. 2.   YASMEEN — Youtube Team

    Yasmeen Akbar reigning from Northern California is one of the members on our Youtube team. She’s a sophomore at CAU and recently published her first blog post a few weeks ago. Her blog is for you to get a sense of who she is and what she stands for as well as what she enjoys. Her posts are no longer than 5 minutes but definitely are long enough to teach you a few things. My personal favorite is, Soul Ties, the beautiful Yasmeen releases all of her feelings regarding a heartbreak that she has endured, in a raw yet artistic form. If you’re looking for something to relate to, this is where you need to be. PERIOD. 

  3. 3. KIANA — Social Media Team

    If you’ve noticed how artistic our InstagramPinterest, and other social media platforms have been this year, our very own Kiana Stevenson had a hand in all of that! A true visionary. I am so excited to tell you that she’s from Jacksonville, FL (also my hometown). Kiana has a podcast and blog that you absolutely, positively, need to listen to AND read. Black Girl Banter can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Soundcloud. Listen 2 Black Women can be found on Instagram in addition to the website. A platform solely for the purpose of expressing to the world that black women are allowed to have an opinion that’s valid and we shouldn’t be perceived as ghetto, combative, or confused for our thoughts. Kiana has taken this platform and is showing the world what black women are capable of.  

  4. 4. JERRY —Youtube Creative Director

    You’ve probably seen her on YouTube before. with over 100k subscribers on YouTube, Jerry’s channel is one of the best in the AUC. She’s a motivated content creator that has inspired me (and probably you too) to continue to stick to my dreams because with hard work, you will achieve what you desire. Life with Jerry, her YouTube channel, allows you to get a sense of who she is. In addition to her channel, Jerry also has launched her own business with her friends! Sew Good Looking is where you can find all of your needs from lashes, clothes to hair! The boutique also has a Youtube channel featuring reviews, hauls, and much more. Follow the Instagram @Sewgoodlooking.

  5. 5. BRE'NAE — Youtube Team

    Bre'Nae literally embodies ambition. If you met her, you’d realize how much of a great person she is! Her personality fluidly flows through her work and you can get a sense of who she is. Her podcast, The Talk Back, has everything you need to get through life. From relationship to general life advice, check it out on Youtube. She also has a political talk show, The Political Twist, on WSTU Radio that airs from 4-5 PM every Tuesday. The Political Twist serves you all of your political needs. 

  6. 6. MIMI  — Youtube Team

    Mimi is just one of those people that you meet who have a plethora of knowledge within them. She’s a sophomore at CAU with three platforms where you can support her! Her own personal podcast, The Lit Southern Belle, gives you everything you need to prosper and form into the greatest person that you aim to be. Her second platform, Panthers on the Rise, can be found on WSTU Radio on Friday from 6-8 PM. Lastly, her Youtube channel is Mimi Navah, you can learn so many things on there.

  7. 7. CHASSEE — Editorial Team

    One of the great writers on the Her Campus CAU team, Chassee Palmer is the it-girl. Her calming and positive personality is often shown through her Instagram feed and her blog! The C Word is dedicated to black women that are looking to build each other but also Chassee’s opinions and views regarding a lot of things. Chassee not only expresses herself in both her blog and on Instagram but also does it in an aesthetically pleasing way.


The amount of success that’ll come from the Her Campus CAU Chapter is honestly just so heartwarming. These 7 young women have done so many things that are well on their way to being marked down as history. I wrote this article as a message to them to let them know how proud and excited I am for them. I also wrote this article to inspire many other young women that are scared to do anything, to check out their podcasts, blogs, Instagrams, youtube’s, etc. and become motivated to be the greatest woman you can be! These women are next up, mark my words!