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5 Tips for Prepping Your Wardrobe for Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CAU chapter.

This Fall is indeed a warm one and it is also a very confusing one when it comes to fashion. Early mornings call for fur coats and any time after one o’clock classes we’re sweating down our backs. What is a girl [or guy] to do? Shopping for Fall and Winter is always a joy, but it seems as if we’re entering an extended Summer. With these super inexpensive, simple & creative tips this warm Fall won’t be a worry.

1. Dress for the season in moderation. Short Sleeves, lighter silhouettes but Fall colors. Be sure to not dress too heavy for the warmer days. Wear something that’s cool, but Fall Fashion forward. 

2. Be mindful of the weather for each day, we’re always in for a surprise. Make sure to check your favorite weather app daily especially in the morning before getting dressed to ensure that you’re dressed appropriately for what this bipolar weather has instore.

3. Keep those perfect year-round pieces hanging all season.These pieces were used in the Summer and are also perfect for the Fall. By layering it or changing a new pieces, your favorite Summer dress and be your favorite Fall dress too.

4. Layer it up! Don’t be afraid to layer with a pair of opaque tights. A super chic mini skirt with tights under them are perfect for this weather. A light sweater or cardigan is perfect for chilly mornings. 

5. Ignore the Rules. Be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear this Fall. Ignore the rules & be sure to wear your fashion just the way you like to.

Thanks for reading everyone. Until next time, xoxo 

My name is Brandi Hunter and I am a Sophomore at Clark Atlanta University. I am a Fashion Merchandising Major with aspirations to work for large companies in cities like Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger along with many hobbies that include doing hair and shopping.