5 Takeaways for Aspiring Writers

As a student journalist, I got a once in a lifetime opportunity to interview Blayne Alexander, a news reporter for 11Alive news. She revealed some of her secrets behind finding great story ideas as well as her tips that are useful for journalists, screenwriters and even aspiring reporters. 

1. Stay Focused. Writer’s block is every writer’s worst enemy. As college students we often find ourselves getting distracted, irritable, or just plain tired. But no matter what, focusing is a MAJOR KEY (DJ Khaled voice).

2. Shock Readers. Give readers what they aren’t expecting. Whether it's a news story or fictional story, make something they’ve never witnessed before. Studies show that readers can tell within the first sentence if the story is going to be worth their time. We as writers must never disappoint. 

3. Stay Informed. Watch the news, and after that, watch more news! As writers we can never learn too much information. The latest controversies in society make for great story ideas.  

4. Experience. We’re still young! Which means as students, we still have time to obtain experience. Find meaningful internships, jobs, or even shadow employers to build up your writer’s resume.

5. Overcome Objections. Writers who can overcome objections can overcome just about anything. We will hear many let-downs, but they do not determine our “writing destiny”. You will get a thousand no's, but it’s all about that one yes