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Zodiac Signs: Why Should You Date A Taurus Girl?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

We’ve just said goodbye to the sun in Taurus and welcomed Gemini, but there’s still time to honor this sign.

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If a Taurus is in love with you, mountains will be moved. They are very determined people, so they will  give their all to conquer you. Making love statements in public or sending flowers to your home are totally their thing.


Besides being beautiful inside, the regency of Venus will make them also with an incomparable external beauty. Taurus enjoy to love with all their senses, which makes it one of the most sensual Zodiac Signs. They really appreciate the touch and the smell, and will do everything in their power to satisfy their partner.


The attachment is one of the main characteristics of Taurus, and that’s why betrayal is not usually the thing of this Zodiac Sign. They really value trust, so be careful not to break it and disappoint them, because it can be fatal.



A relationship with people of this Zodiac Sign is always very transparent. Taurus hate games or drama, and everything that bother them will be clarified at the same time. Thus, Taurus’s rationality will be very important to help people who may need to bring their feet back to the ground.



If you want to go out and enjoy the night, they will accompany you, but they are also the best partners of Netflix and chill. In fact, it’s just your company that really matters.

They eat everything

If there is anything which they have no problem with, this thing is with food. Taurean can go to any restaurant or taste the strangest combinations, but never leave them hungry, or you may be scared.


Like good stubborn people, Taurus will always be persistent in their relationship, so they will never let you go easily. If it pleases you, enjoy it!

Karolina Pestrin

Casper Libero