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Zodiac Signs: 7 Perfect Movies for Cancer Girls

The Sun is not in Cancer anymore, but the emotive vibe of this Zodiac Sign is perfect for those lazy days that winter brings us. How about watching some movies alongside a pan of brigadeiro and maybe a tissue box?

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Marley & Me

If there is a better combination than tears and dogs’ histories nobody told us yet. The funny Marley arrives at the Grogman’s house to see if they’re ready to start a family. They call him like this on account of the reggae singer Bob Marley and the Labrador Retriever shows them that that cute little face is also capable of putting the house upside down.

Marley becomes part of the family and teaches us about the true affection: pure and without asking anything in return besides food and things to bite!

The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks started his career with what he knows best: making us cry. With a love story between a poor guy and a rich girl fully recorded in a diary, this movie approaches the turns that a great love is able to give, bringing as main message that what is yours will find the way back to you.

My Sister’s Keeper

In this American drama, Anna is designated to save the life of her sister Kate, who has leukemia. The concern of the mother with the health of the daughter is an interesting point of the film, which is a striking feature of Cancer, since this Zodiac Sign has a strong maternal bond present in their life.

In a certain moment, the protagonist gets tired of being forced to undergo so many medical procedures and decides to look for her rights in the justice, leading the movie to have an amazing and very exciting ending.

Love, Rosie

Rosie is a mother who creates a daughter meanwhile her friend Alex gets involved with other people, but between meetings and mismatches, this movie is about imperfect loves. The veracity of the film also explores a colorful friendship that turns into a true loving feeling, capable of surviving from continents away.

Take a sit and enjoy, because crises of crying might happen.

The Choice

As a huge Cancer girl, Gabby is stubborn and provocative to conquer her new neighbor Travis. Thus, this romance movie talks about the difficulties that true love imposes, leading the questioning of what really matters when you love someone.

Take off your mascara, prepare your heart and press play!

The Fault In Our Stars

John Green’s book has turned into one of the most exciting films of the decade. Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters were a hit for the audience with their metaphors and exchanges of infinities, always summarized in simple “okays”.

The Fault In Our Stars teaches us to value the people we love every day, since this is our legacy: perhaps we will not be loved by everyone, but we will be very loved by someone.

Me Before You

Emilia Clarke plays Louisa, who is hired to take care of Will, a very rich man, who loses all his vitality after an accident, which makes him besides paraplegic, very grouchy. Louisa ends up getting involved with him and tries more and more to raise up his spirits.

This movie mainly approaches the power of transformation of love but also teaches us that love can not be selfish.

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