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YouTube’s Got Talent! The Top 3 Channels of Cover Music Artists

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

If you ever found yourself having nothing to do, scrolling through the suggestions page of your YouTube account, your problems are over. Check it out the three best channels from musicians. Featuring piano covers, acoustic versions and original medleys, these girls are putting their own swag on current hits and classic oldies. See the list below! 

The Cimorelli

Remember when One Direction was still a band? If you do, you have probably heard of The Cimorelli sisters before. Most likely you’ve watch one of their first viral music cover of What Makes You Beautiful. These six siblings grew up in Northern California and started filming covers! Today, besides being an amazing girlband, they also blog on their website, wrote a book, Believe In You and have a podcast, too. Oh, and they have merch, of course. Basically: they rock! 

Connie Talbot

Connie has only 19 years old and have already done a lot. When she was 6 she made a performance of a lifetime in the first edition of the english reality Britain’s Got Talent. After the show, she started her own YouTube channel and kept singing. Last year, she went back to the reality and blew everyone away – again! 

Lynnea Moorer

Even tough she sings since shw was little, different from the other two, Lynnea only when viral 2 years ago. She is an incredible performer and brings a lot of soul to the covers. You should definetely check her out. 

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