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XO Kitty: A No Spoiler Review Of The Story Of Lara Jean’s Younger Sister

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

XO Kitty tells the story of Katherine Covey aka Kitty (Anna Cathcart). The whole show happens in Seoul, South Korea, and shows Kitty’s journey to learn more about her mom, by going to the same school that she went to. In the show, we get to see more of the outgoing and matchmaking personality of Kitty, and, of course, her love life.

A cliché, not cliché 

If you were expecting teen drama, embarrassing scenes, and a little romance, you’ll get that. The show has every rom com cliche: enemies to lovers, falling in the middle of a party, miscommunication, a fake relationship, a best friend that gives great advice, and, obviously, a love triangle. But, if you expect only clichés, you’ll be really surprised – just like I was. 

Although it is a cliché story, with scenes we’ve seen a million times before, it is well balanced with very fresh storylines. With a plot twist in almost every episode, it has real drama, deep problems mixed with silly things teens think about, and all of that is followed by mature, but still teenage reactions.  

The second-hand embarrassment 

The cliché might be well handled in every other way, but, when it came to the second-hand embarrassment the writers lost it. Every single episode has at least one of those scenes. In the first episodes, Kitty keeps putting herself in embarrassing situations over and over, and the direction on those parts was made in a way that only intensified that, making it hard to watch.

To be fair, we get a break from these scenes in the middle of the show. But in the ninth episode, we get a lot of those. Really, a lot.


Given the fact that most of the characters do at least one questionable thing (keep in mind they are teenagers) all of them can solve it or understand what they did wrong, which is really refreshing for a teen drama. Also, not only do the teens get to evolve: but the adult characters also learn from their actions and start to act differently.

The way all of the characters evolve throughout the show is really well-written and smooth, and it shows that a series made for teens can be well-written.


XO Kitty was a nice surprise, it feels like a Jenny Han story, and it shows what teen drama should all be about: teenagers discovering and learning about themselves while making friends and falling in love. If you love cute, heartwarming but also dramatic tv shows, this one’s for you!


The article above was edited by Giullia Cartaxo.

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