Woody Allen Goes to Hollywood: Café Society Review

Surrounded by the sound of the jazz and involved by the perfume of the 30’s, the film tells the story of Bobby – Jesse Eisenberg’s character.This aspiring writter moves from New York to Los Angeles looking for an opportunitty in the movie industry. With a little help of  Phill (Steve Carrell’s character ) a major cinema producer, who is also his uncle, Bobby joins in the universe of Hollywood. At work, he meet the young and beautiful Vonnie (Kristen Stewart), who gets his heart and changes his life.

We talked with Alexandre Marcondes, professor of audiovisual production in Cásper about his impressions about the movie. “ I think it's a very Woody Allen movie style. A story that values ​​the internal conflicts and dialogues, differently from what he has been doing in his last works. There are critics who say it is more of the same. I think it's just a director showing us what he likes to tell: internal confusion and dualities of his characters. Overall liked the movie! It’s funny and soft, but still causes some reflection“

The setting, carefully produced is stunning!  It allows us to dive into the eccentric Hollywood 30’s, involving us in the charms and disappointments of the plot. The film features the meticulous work of the Italian Vittorio Storaro, who is responsable for the photography, keeping the visual identity of Woody’s films.

The costume is produced by Suzy Benzinger , who also produced the costumes of Blue Jasmine. An impeccable job, has the collaboration of Chanel, which signs the jewels as well. The costume is the re-creation of the Maison clothes, designed by the one and only Coco Chanel. The comedy cast includes Blake Lively, Parker Posey, Corey Stoll and Anna Camp. If you are looking for smooth and entertaining movie, Café Society is the right choice. (And casperians have promotional price on tickets at Reserva Cultural). You check the trailer here