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Halloween is coming and most of us can’t wait to enjoy the parties and events this time of the year. Besides, getting our costumes ready to look both scary and cute may be a fun task…

Although Brazilians love to make a fuzz about Halloween coming, celebrating it is not a tradition in our country as it is in America, for example.

In 2013, a federal law officialised the end of Halloween in Brazil – more surprising than that is facing the fact that in the state of São Paulo (where Cásper Líbero is located) the date was already vanished in 2004.

Substituting the “Witches’ Day”, it was born the “Saci’s day”. Saci Pererê is a commom folklore character from Brazilian culture. He wears red clothes (or sometimes, just a cap) and jumps around in only one leg – he lost the other during a capoeira fight (type of dance, mixed with fight, invented by slaves who came from Africa during the period when Brazil was still a Portuguese colony).

Saci is a myth invented by south indigenous tribes that was modified when passed to portuguese colonizers and other tribes. It is assumed that the tale emerged during the 18th century. The naughty kid that scared animals and destroyed plantations also used to smoke pipe and hold on to the coal of it, due to that, his hand was pierced and he asks for fire to travellers. The ancient villages believed that in every tornado, Saci Pererê used to be inside it.

The character had his spotlight on books by Monteiro Lobato – influential Brazilian author -, especially on its adaptation to a television program, Sítio do Picapau Amarelo (literally translated as Yellow Woodpecker Farm). The show was about two siblings who lived in a fantasy world with folklore characters, that became their friends. It grew into a cultural symbol for kids all around Brazil.


The cast of the first version of the show. Saci Pererê is between them

Government’s plan was an attempt to make Brazilians appreciate more their culture, since Halloween is a Celtic invention. During October 31th, the date is celebrated with shows, folklore story-telling, theatre and much more.

The end of our beloved Halloween doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate both of Celtic and Brazilian traditions. It is important to know and value the culture of each and every nation and still have time to engage and dress up for a night of chills and thrills.

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